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I've had my favourite ever eyeliner for almost a year now and still haven't found the perfect brush to apply it. I've tried NARS and Laura Mercier but found nothing suitable to get those cat eye flicks. In the end, I popped instore and asked the staff what the best brush would be, figuring it's better to use a brush that's been designed with this specific product in mind. She showed me a selection but recommended the Eye Definer Brush for my particular needs. 
Bobbi Brown Eye Definer Brush Review
I've got a new camera so bear with me while I figure out how to use it!
If you've read one of my eyeliner/ eye brush reviews before, you'll know that the length of the handle is a key consideration for me. Since I'm ridiculously short-sighted, I have to get right up close to the mirror and a long handle makes it really difficult to manipulate it into the best angles. This particular brush has a fairly short handle, which is always a bonus. It's not so short that it becomes fiddly, but still allows me to lean in close to the mirror with no problems. 

In terms of application, the bristles are densely-packed and fairly firm, so they pick up an even amount of product and apply in a solid, opaque line. Despite this, it doesn't feel scratchy or create any pulling motions while I'm using it. As the brush is quite fine, it creates a fairly thin line which is easily buildable and a really neat line. Another bonus is that it's also perfect for filling in brows and creating a more full appearance.

As for the flicks I was hoping to achieve? Yeah, not so much. It's certainly a lot easier than the other two brushes I've tried but it's still difficult to get the very sharp point that I'm looking for. Despite that, I've been using this brush every time I apply my Bobbi Brown eyeliner as it's great for a basic line.
Bobbi Brown Slanted Eyeliner Brush Review
I'm almost defeated in my quest for the perfect brush to create flicks. I'll try one more- I've got my eye on the Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush- but if I have no more luck with that one, I'll just stick with my Marc Jacobs eyeliner for cat eyes.  

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  1. Go to a proper art shop and look at the paint brushes, I only ever use a fine paint brush for eye liner and a soft angled one for eye shadow. They are often cheaper and nearly always better quality than make up brushes.


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