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You know how last week I wore that cord A-line skirt that I wasn't initially sure about but decided I loved? Well, I ended up liking it so much that I bought a matching burgundy one too! Ami and I went to Winchester a few days ago and we used my new camera to take some cute outfit photos. Guys, this camera is a game changer!
Plus size autumn outfit
Top: Tesco
Skirt: Tesco
Tights: ASOS
Shoes: New Look

This burgundy cord skirt is from Tesco and I had a right nightmare trying to get hold of it. Originally I'd bought a size 18 but it wouldn't button up over my hips, so instead I ordered the largest size they had online- a 22- and did a little swap. Thankfully this one fits perfect. It's a little large in the waist and has a tendency to twist around as I'm walking so I end up with buttons on my hip, but at least it fits over my bum this time!
Plus size burgndy cord skirt
On the other hand, the striped jumper is ridiculously large. I'm wearing a 12. A size twelve. Even so, you can see it's gathering around the waist so I probably could even have gone down to a 10. Perhaps the designers were going for a loose fit, but there's loose fits and then there's piles of wool hanging off you. It's crazy that an outfit can consist of two outfits from the same brand that are so wildly different in fit but there you go. Apparently I'm simultaneously a size 12 and a size 22. 
Plus size black tights
The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I'm not wearing leggings. Say what??? I actually bought a proper pair of tights for autumn. (Yes, a pair of tights, but I do intend on buying more!) I got these black opaque tights from ASOS and went for the thickest-looking pair they had available. These ones are cashmere blend and are pretty much perfectly opaque. There's just a little patch over my thighs where they go a little thin. I've always had difficulty buying tights because my legs are apparently larger than my dress size (even when I was a size 10, I was buying size 16 tights and knee-high boots were out of the question!) so I decided to size up and go for the size 24-26 pair. They are an absolutely perfect fit! No bunching around the ankles, no crotch falling down. Just closely fitted, cosy tights. The other great thing about these tights is that when I put my nail through them the first time I wore them, as I invariably do, the material just snapped back into place without any ripping or laddering. You wouldn't even know there was a hole there, it's so tiny. Aaand they were thick enough around the inner thigh to prevent any chub rub. Hooray! I've found my perfect tights! 
Red velvet shoes
As for the red velvet shoes, I initially bought them to wear with this dress but, unfortunately, the dress is a bit of a funny length on me and I'm looking into having it taken up. Despite that, they are perfect with this skirt so I was glad to give them their first outing. Notice the tiny heel? I know it's not much, but as someone who never walks in heels of any height, I was triumphant to comfortably walk around in these all afternoon. When I got home, I excitedly told Rich about how comfy they were, and how they hadn't been rubbing at all, only to take my tights off and discover they'd lopped a chunk out of my left heel. How they managed to do it without me feeling any discomfort is anyone's guess but, to be honest, I don't care if they mangle every single one of my toes, so long as I don't feel any pain. 
Plus size fall outfit
Since I've been all about taking risks lately, I veered away from my usual pink lipstick in favour of something a bit more bold and autumnal. As I raced out of the door, I picked up Viva Glam Rihanna which I admittedly thought was more of a berry shade than the bright, glossy red it turned out to be. If I'm completely honest, I didn't feel entirely comfortable wearing it as I always feel like I make a mess of red lips, but it looks alright in the photos. Annoyingly, it needed loads of reapplication as it slid off every time I so much as looked at a drink but I think I'll try another red lipstick for my next outing. 
Autumn outfit red and black
I think the main thing we've learned from this post is A) my new camera is incredible (We used this camera and this lens to take the shots) and B) clothing sizes are pretty much made up on the spot. I'm wearing a 12, a 22 and a 26 but all three fit perfectly. I think that says it all! 

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  1. I love all these posts :) they're funny and real honest opinions ^_^

  2. You look gorgeous! Love the burgundy & stripes combo. I'm contemplating buying some tights now too haha. I absolutely LOVE your shoes too! xx

  3. Those shoes are SO pretty and I love the colour of the skirt. Difference in sizes are so annoying, makes it really difficult to shop online x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  4. You look lovely,I must say that I do love your shoes, super cute

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  5. I love this outfit so much, you look lovely! The skirt is gorgeous and I 100% feel your pain of ending up with the buttons half way across your back by the middle of the day haha! xx

  6. The colour of that skirt and shoes are amazing!! Really suits you, you look lovely! Lisa x

  7. You look so pretty and cute! I really love these kinds of skirts but I have huge hips and no waist so they just don't suit me, plus I'm sitting down nearly all the time and I'm pretty sure I'd end up flashing every stranger on the street as most of them are too short for my long legs haha! You pull it off so well though! x

  8. Absolute babe! I love that skirt it is such a beautiful colour. I am also OBSESSED with your shoes!


  9. Love this skirt! Great for autumn!

    Sammy |

  10. I love love love this outfit. I also love you with red lips, I honestly don't understand why you're worried! A tip as far as red lipstick coming off, I'd definitely recommend lip liner. I have a special edition Urban Decay one from a couple of years ago, but I'm sure they still do plenty.

  11. So....I need to get to Tesco! Love the skirt! It's a gorgeous colour.


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