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After Ami and I went to The Stable in February (wow, was it really that long ago?), we've been promising to go back for more pizza. Somehow we've never quite managed it... until she moved to Devon, that is. Somehow, her being 200 miles away meant we actually put our plans into action! The Stable Winchester Review
The Stable is situated in a tiny little road running alongside the cathedral grounds, with beautiful historic buildings on either side. Winchester is steeped in history as it is but this particular area is so quiet and peaceful that it's like being transported back in time.
The Stable Winchester
At our last visit, we were seated upstairs, where there are huge windows allowing light to flood in. Downstairs is a little more atmospheric. Lovely for creating an intimate atmosphere, not so great for taking photos. It's like people don't buy buildings with the sole purpose of optimum food photography opportunities! Low light levels aside, the candles everywhere did form a nice homely feeling and softened what could otherwise be quite harsh decor with long wooden benches and tables.
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Our visit was a Friday lunchtime so there were only a handful of other diners and, although we were seated at the long central bench, we didn't need to sit next to strangers. Am I alone in feeling really uncomfortable in that set up? (I once went on a date where we had to sit on those communal benches. It was... awkward)
The Stable Winchester Menu
When we sat down, the very friendly staff member explained that they were experimenting with table service, rather than the usual order-at-the-bar set up. We looked through the menu and both settled on the same pizza- Buttercross Clucker with no mushrooms. Every weekday between 12 and 3 there is a lunchtime menu, meaning selected pizzas are £6.50 each. The Buttercross Clucker fell into this category so, with my £2 bottle of elderflower, it turned out to be a very affordable lunch!
The Stable Winchester Buttercross Clucker Pizza
We didn't have to wait too long for our meal to be brought out. The 6-inch pizzas were served on a wooden tray with a little pizza cutter to slice it and a side salad. Unfortunately neither of us like salad and we hadn't seen this listed on the menu so we rather awkwardly finished up with two whole bowls of salad at the end. Still, the pizza was absolutely delicious with a thin, crispy base, tender free-range chicken and the stretchiest of mozzarella cheese.
The Stable Winchester Pizza
Although the pizza left us nicely filled, we weren't stuffed so we decided to order pudding too. Unfortunately, we were waiting absolutely forever for a member of staff to come by so ended up just paying the bill since we were running out of daylight and needed to take outfit photos.
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Heading around the corner to the cathedral grounds, we took it in turns to take photos of each other's outfits. Ami took the images you can see in this post and I daresay she'll have the ones I took on her blog soon. Still, you can have a sneaky glimpse because I'm so proud of them I can't wait for her to share!
Perks of Being Ami Fashion Blogger Hampshire
We ended our day with a quick jaunt to Primark and Starbucks before Ami had to rush off to a gig because she's a teenager and has a social life, unlike Grandma Bedbug over here! It was such a lovely day that we've agreed on making it a monthly thing and I'm already excited for November!
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  1. I love cute little pizza places like this! We had a similar one in our old town that was set in a basement (great for atmosphere, terrible for my camera haha) and I loved visiting it. It makes you realise how overprices Dominos can be!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  2. Sounds like such a lovely day. They have just opened The Stable in east London and its fast becoming one of my favourite places to grab a slice.

    Emma Inks


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