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If you ask me, the Little Black Classics are genius. Super cheap introductory volumes of classic authors? Yes please! I have a bunch of the first run (you can see my collection here) After the success of the first collection, Penguin released a second batch and they are cheap as chips! £1 for the books of around 60 pages, and £2 for those that are around 120 pages, they're ideal quick reads to try out those authors who may have intimidated you before. I definitely know that feeling!
Little Black Classics Wishlist


I absolutely adore Oscar Wilde so I can't wait to get my hands on this little book. A collection of Wilde's famous witticisms, I'm pretty sure I will love every page of it


I've only read one of Edgar Allen Poe's books before and that was a Little Black Classic too- The Tell-Tale Heart. It was every bit as fantastic as I'd hoped and I promised myself that I'd read more of his work but somehow never got round to it. This would be a great quick way to get another taste of Poe's gothic writing.


George Eliot is one of those authors who I've never read but keep meaning to get round to. That's exactly what I love about these books. Instead of battling through a whole novel, I can just try this novella and get a sense of her writing. It's described as a dark Victorian horror story, so it sounds right up my street!


It's World Poetry Day today so I couldn't write a whole post without including some poetry! I had a close friend at university who was completely in love with Emily Dickinson but I'm ashamed to say I've never tried any of her material myself. This would be the perfect place to start.


It goes without saying that everyone should read up on the suffragettes. This book is listed as having various authors and it's not particularly clear what it consists of. Is it essays from the time? A brief history of the suffragette movement? I have no idea but it's guaranteed to be worth the read.


I very briefly mentioned Nietzsche in my undergraduate dissertation and came up with a pun that I loved but made no sense to anybody else because they didn't have the context of my entire research. That didn't stop me posting it on Facebook- to absolutely zero response from my friends- and cringing every year when it pops up in my TimeHop. Aside from this, I don't know much about Nietzsche so I'd love to learn more but, let's be honest, it's the name that really draws me in. Why am I so clever, exactly? Maybe Freddie can answer. It's both a blessing and a curse.

Click here to buy any of these books, and see the others that are available. You can also buy a boxset of the first 80 here which I wish had been for sale before I bought the books I own. £52 for 80 books? How could you resist!

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