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A few months ago, I managed to score a bottle of Lush 29 High Street Shower Gel in the Kitchen and it was the most exciting thing ever. Without a doubt, it was my favourite ever Lush scent because it is literally the smell of the stores. I know a lot of people moan about it but for me, it's a fragrance that always makes me happy. Then I heard a rumour that you can buy bottles of perfume with the same scent... but they're only available in the original Poole shop. Well, as you may remember, I visited the Poole Lush Spa a little while ago and what do you know? It's true! I snapped up a bottle and I am absolutely in love with it!
Lush 29 High Street Perfume Review

I've got two other Lush perfumes- Kerbside Violet (review here) and the perfectly suited Death & Decay (review coming soon). All three have very different bottles. Kerbside Violet is a travel-sized spray, Death & Decay is a vial with a dropper, and 29 High Street is a fairly basic cuboid spray bottle. It's not the most exciting, but the little illustration of the front door is cute. I also like that the label on mine is wonky since it's really got that handcrafted feel. I'm not a big fan of the bottle in general, though. It's pretty clunky and heavy, and it won't travel well at all. One for wearing at home, rather than taking away with me.


Oh boy does the fragrance make up for the rubbish bottle! Now, this literally smells like a Lush shop so it's fair to say it's going to be very divisive. I tend not to wear it around people who are likely to be bothered by it (My mum doesn't like the smell of Lush, for example, so I don't wear it if I'm seeing her... I don't think she'd be impressed if I made her car smell like a Lush shop!). The official notes are ylang ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, lime, lemon and tonka but, come on, we all know what Lush smells like! The interesting thing I find though is that sometimes certain fragrances seem more prominent than others. One day it might smell particularly citrusy but then the next day it's more vanilla-like. I'm not sure what causes that but I like it! 


A little goes a long way! As I said, I'm very wary that some people are bordering on offended by this particular smell so I don't douse myself in it. It's pretty strong and radiates fairly far so you don't need to use much at all- this is a bonus, since it cuts down on my trips to Poole to buy more! It also lasts ages so I don't need to top it up, although the tonka and sandalwood notes really come out after an hour or so, which is a little more palatable for some people.

I am so happy to have discovered this perfume. I have far too many perfumes for somebody who never wears them, but I'm doing very well at making sure I wear this as much as possible. I think this might be the first bottle of perfume I actually finish! 

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  1. This sounds like hell in a bottle for me, haha! Glad you are enjoying it x

  2. I love the smell that hits when you when you walk into, or even past, a Lush shop - it'd be amazing to be able to smell that all day long .... but I can imagine its not for everyone!


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