Celebrating Mothers' Day

My mum is one of the strangest people I know... and I mean that in a nice way. With Mothers' Day coming up, Festival Place got in touch to offer my mum a day of lunch and shopping with one of their Festival Place gift cardsWhen I was at uni, my mum bought me a Festival Place gift card for Christmas so it's a nice little cyclical gift. In preparation for our weekend ahead, I'm sharing the weird things about my mum that make her, well, my mum.

You know how Forrest Gump sits on the bench and talks to everybody who sits next to him? That's what my mum is like. Whether it's queuing up at the supermarket or getting her nails done, there is somebody there for her to chat to. Maybe it's because of this that she knows absolutely everybody. It seems she can barely go anywhere without bumping into somebody she knows. It's funny because I'm the exact opposite- even if I see someone I know, I'll go to desperate measures to avoid talking to them!


My mum's been getting her nails done for years and years, way longer than I have been. These days, we get our nails done together and the staff in the nail bar laugh because it's like our roles are reversed. Whereas I get the sensible 'mum' nails (evidence here), she gets the brightest, boldest, glitteriest nails possible. Pink leopard print? Why not?! Luminous orange polkadots? Sure! Glittery floral patterns? Go for it! 


This is one area where I do resemble her. I've inherited all her grace and elegance... by which I mean, none at all. Neither of us can walk in heels (not even wedges. Especially not wedges) and we've both been known to fall over while standing completely still. Gravity is difficult, ok?

Yep, my mum is pretty strange alright, but that's why I love her. Well, that and the fact she filmed Loose Women on her phone and sent me the clips when I was abroad because Ed Balls was dancing on it. What more could you want?

She'll probably make me take this down because she hates being on the blog but lol I'm just not gonna tell her and see how long it is until she notices. 
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  1. Oh Becky hahaa this is a brilliant post! I love how much you've shown your love for your mum in all her quirky ways! Shows how much you love and appreciate her & that's what Mother's Day is all about :)

    Isobel x

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  2. This is such a lovely post! My mum is a little mad too and talks to all the animals in our garden haha x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  3. Haha love this post, your mum reminds me of mine a lot!! :D x


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