Review // Lush Mothers' Day Collection 2017

There's nothing I love more than a themed Lush collection. The Valentine's range this year was so good that I didn't believe the Mothers' Day one could compete. After all, it was hugely disappointing last year. What do you know, I was wrong! There's a huge number of products- if we include knot wraps and gift sets, there are over 20 products, and most of them have never been seen before. Exciting stuff! 
Lush Mothers' Day 2017 Review
Ups-a-Daisy Bath Bomb
Lush Ups a Daisy Bubble Bar Review
When I went into store to buy the Mothers' Day range, I was faced with a dilemma- do I buy the pink and orange Ups-a-Daisy, or the blue and yellow? As it turns out, this wasn't a problem at all- they're just two sides of the same... bath bomb. It's pretty large for a bath bomb, which is obviously fantastic, and this means it takes a fair while to fizz. Well, foam, since this product is more on the foamy side than the fizzy side. As it dissolves, orange and yellow starbursts flare out from the centre like a floral-scented sun, and the bathwater slowly turns a rich golden colour. The fragrance is a basic rose, but quite subtle, and it leaves the most delicate of traces on the skin afterwards.

Mum Bath Bomb
Lush Mum Bath Bomb Review
Unlike Ups-a-Daisy, Mum Bath Bomb really is available in two colours: blue or pink. As soon as I dropped this in the bath, a little surprise popped out! Spoiler alert: It's a square of paper that says 'Thanks Mum!' Very cute (although also a little weird seeing as I'm nobody's mum).  I wonder if the one in the blue version is slightly different. The bath bomb fizzes away super quickly and fills the room with the scent of oranges and lemons, while the bath turns a rose pink. It's a very cute, refreshing little product. 

Does Your Mother Know? Bubble Bar
Lush Does Your Mother Know Bubble Bar Review
This massive bubble bar is actually a bundle of three different bars- the pink, yellow and blue parts easily break away from each other. The blue and yellow sections are big enough to split in half, giving you five baths from one bar. I was hoping that each colour would give a different fragrance but that's not the case. It's ok though because I absolutely love the smell. A concoction of grapefruit, neroli and orange blossom, it smells incredibly similar to Rub Rub Rub and Big Bang, which are two of my favourite Lush products. Even the tiny pink section was hugely fragrant, powerful enough to leave the scent on my skin for ages afterwards. It also produced loads of bubbles, which surprised me given how small it is. 

Baa Bar Bubble Bar
Lush Baa Bubble Bar Review
How cute is this little fella? I made sure to pick the cutest one in the shop. Does anybody else do this? The concept of this bubble bar is the whole counting sheep thing which brings back stressful memories for me (as a kid, I couldn't count sheep in my mind because they went too fast and I couldn't keep up). Still, the fragrance is certainly relaxing and comforting with ylang ylang and jasmine, with a hint of violet. It's absolutely wonderful! I also found my skin felt incredibly nourished and silky afterwards, possibly down to the soya milk. The bath water turns a pastel shade of lavender- perfect for evoking night skies. I'll definitely be stocking up on this one! 

Elsie the Giraffe (You're Havin' a Laugh) Bubble Bar
Lush Elsie Giraffe Bubble Bar Review
I was really looking forward to trying this bubble bar. It's so cute with the stick neck and it smelled like it was going to be amazing! Rich, bless him, decided to run a bath for me and chose this bubble bar to use. He's pretty clued up on Lush products so off he went to the bathroom and called me a while later to tell me it was ready. My first thought when I walked in was that there weren't a lot of bubbles, especially as I could see he'd used the whole giraffe head. Then, as I stepped in the bath, I felt huge lumps of solid bubble bar lurking at the bottom. 'It was so hard to crumble!' complained Rich, 'It was rock solid! I don't think it's a reusable one...' and then the penny dropped. In his defence, the label on the bag doesn't say 'reusable' and the instructions say 'crumble one of the bars', so I'll let him off this time! The good news is that it has a hugely uplifting, super-lemony scent which I absolutely love, and the bathwater turns lime green which is fun if that's important to you. Just make sure you hold it under the tap rather than trying to crumble it! 

Scrubee Body Butter
Lush Scrubee Body Butter Review
We nearly had a disaster with Scrubee too! On the day Rich ran me the fated Elsie the Giraffe bath, he initially picked up a different bag and read the label 'Scrubee Body Butter Bubble Bar'. For some reason, Lush have added bubble bar to the product description. RIP all the Scrubees who have been innocently lost to the watery depths of the bath tub. Thankfully, in this case, I was able to swiftly interject and inform Rich that in no circumstances was he to try and crumble Scrubee under the tap! When I eventually used it in the correct way- under the shower- I was surprised by how delicate the scrubbing element was. Because of the name, I'd expected quite a rough exfoliation but the ground almonds and coconut shells were quite gentle. Scrubee's shape is perfect for gripping in the shower, with the curved back and flat bottom, so it's easy to use, and the scent of honey and cocoa is deliciously sweet- almost like vanilla milkshake or white chocolate. The only problem I find with Lush body butters is the difficulty in rinsing them off. I always feel like there's a greasy residue left over but, once I get out of the shower and dry off, there's no hint of that at all. Instead my skin is left incredibly smooth and smelling lovely! Then there's the fact that Scrubee is just freaking adorable!

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream
Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Cream Review
Yummy Mummy is one of my favourite Lush products so I'm thrilled it's returned for 2017. A thick, moisturising shower cream, Yummy Mummy lathers up beautifully and has this gorgeous violet colour. The earthy floral fragrance of geranium and tonic took me a bit of getting used to at first but now I adore it! I'm going to stock up before the collection ends for another year.

Pink Custard Shower Jelly
Lush Pink Custard Shower Jelly Review
I love a shower jelly so I was super excited when I saw this bright pink one! I'd expected Pink Custard to have a very sweet, possibly cloying, fragrance but that's far from the truth. Instead it's a gorgeously relaxing blend of lavender, tonic and vanilla. I was worried the bright pink colour might stain the skin and there is a bit of transfer, but it washes straight off under the stream of water so that's not an issue. It's perfect for use before bed.

I've seen a little glimpse of the upcoming Easter products and they promise to be such as exciting as 2017's previous two. I can't wait! 

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  1. I love the giraffe - when the sales assistant in Lush told me she managed to get ten uses out of hers I didn't really believe her, but mines lasting forever, I have used it about eight times and I still have loads left. I really want to try Yummy Mummy, sounds right up my street!
    Zoe xx

  2. I am loving the Mother's Day range. Elsie the Giraffe Bubble Bar, and the Pink Custard Shower Jelly are my favourite two! x x

  3. Is it just me or does the Baa Bar bubble bar look like EVE from Wall-E?

    Pink Custard and Yummy Mummy both sound lovely - might need to have a look for those this weekend...

  4. I saw the giraffe one in store and thought it was so cute and different to what they've made before! Haven't picked any of their new products up due to saving money but I hope they bring hem out again next year! Can't wait for the Easter collection!

    Isobel x

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  5. I now know exactly what to get my mum when I go see her tomorrow! Thanks for the in depth review of the different Lush bath bombs


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