A Day in the Life of Becky: September

11am I woke up to discover a "Sorry we missed you" slip on the doormat. It was addressed to "Becky Bookmark", so I knew it was my Black Milk dress from Leona. Luckily, the time was only 7 minutes earlier, so Rich hunted down the postman on his round.

12pm I put my dress on straight away and I never want to take it off!

1pm Time to get ready for the day ahead. I'm still obsessed with Candy Yum Yum! 

2pm Picking up my new glasses. It's physically impossible to go to an opticians without trying on multiple pairs of glasses!

3pm A nice early bath! I didn't actually wear my ducky shower hat but, you know, he's cute!

4pm Nice clean hair!
5pm Time for a nap!

6pm Still napping!

7pm Watching X Factor with fizzy cola bottles.

8pm Snuggling up with Fluffy and watching Fruit Keyhole. 

9pm I bought my first hair doughnut and managed to buy one that's too big. Good work, Becky!

10pm A lovely long read before bed!


  1. Oh, I love this kind of post! What a great idea. And totally want to see that dress!!


  2. Such a cute post - I must do one myself!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  3. those tiny coca colas!!! love it!


    Did Rich ask why it was addressed to Becky Bookmark?x

    1. No, I think he just accepted it as one of your "things"!

  5. No judgment here if you wear that ducky hat. Too cute! This post makes me want to stay in bed all day, reading. :)


  6. I work 12 hour shifts on Sunday so I'm kind of jealous of such a relaxing day. Except for the napping, I'd prefer to just sleep in. And I'm sure you'll show us the dress but I want to see it asap!

  7. It is impossible to look at glasses without trying some on. I have loads if pairs but i went with a friend to pick her some and very nearly bought some more for myself xxx

  8. Lovely post and great photos. Sounds like such a perfect day, and I'm glad you managed to get your dress!


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