Kate added daisy buttons to everything and it's adorable! 
More daisy DIY goodness with Islay's DIY daisy sleeve
I cannot believe that Paige's gorgeous shoes are from Asda

This is the weirdest video ever but it looks like it will be really helpful! 
Allison has a gorgeous collection of vintage children's books.  
Jes' fat girl costume ideas are amazing! 
Danny's apartment is absolutely incredible! 
Jess' outfit is so adorable! 

Other stuff
I don't know what an American TA is, but I assume it's similar to an NQT (that's a newly qualified teacher- Essentially an induction year into teaching). Anyway, this is exactly what my first year of teaching was like (and a lot of it still is!)

24 things only people with small hands will understand. So very true (though the final reference goes straight over my head!) 


  1. Oh man the daisy buttons on that pink coat are the cutest ever. I may need a coat like that.
    Also a TA in America is usually a graduate student that's helping out a professor for class credit/assistantship money. I'm pretty sure they're not usually going into teaching, just working on their master's or doctorate.

  2. Aaah, that coat is the sweetest! Love those sandals too. xo

  3. Replies
    1. Now I want to put daisy buttons on everything!

  4. Such great ideas to follow LV's trademarks - will definitely try and do something similar! Xx

  5. Those daisy buttons are soo cute! Dying here.


  6. I love daisies, I have a daisy print skirt and I just bought a pair of daisy print shoes with daisy buckles

  7. Some of those costume ideas are cooool - Ursula being the best. My friend dressed up as her a couple of years ago, fake testicles and all, she looked amazing


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