Kaelah (who is the genius behind my blog design) has posted this amazing lemonade stand DIY!
My BBFF Leona sent me the link to this Harry Potter FMK and it was the greatest ten minutes of my life! 
Earlier this month, I received a tweet telling me I'd been nominated for the Be You Be Positive awards. I hadn't heard of them but they sound like such a positive event. I'm nominated under the Best Female Blogger category which is lovely!  
Leonora accidentally live-Instagrammed her proposal and it made me cry to read! 


  1. adore your vanity! so beautiful!

    - Janine

  2. That proposal is amazing. Kind of hate my other half for not being that creative now...

    1. Oh, you wait until you hear my proposal story- I have a blog post on it scheduled. It was a disaster from start to finish!

  3. Haha, that FMK Harry Potter just made my night. Hilarious. xx

  4. The FMK Harry Potter, I am crying! It's brilliant, I do not agree with Snape though! It's definitely made my day!
    The proposal is amazing, so sweet!
    Kloe xx


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