Word of September: Learn

I'm a teacher (I know, I haven't mentioned it much!) so I am all about learning! I always tell the kids that I love to learn as well and that people are always learning- You don't stop once you leave school!

So I have three things that I want to learn this month:

1. Learn 5 Welsh phrases
2. Learn 1 more song on my ukulele 
3. Learn to make homemade pesto

Wish me luck! I'd love you to join in and come up with three things to learn this month. 


  1. Best of luck! I guess mine would be 1. Find out what all these knew trigonometry terms mean because apparently it doesn't stop at just cos, sin and tan. 2. How to actually make decent crepes on my crepe flat burner thing. 3. What's actually involved in the uni courses I'm deciding between.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. This is fun! Mine would be:

    1. Learn basic ukulele chords
    2. Learn how to make homemade donuts
    3. Learn how to sew a bow tie

    Best of luck for your goals :)

    xo Noémie |

    1. Ooh, number 2 sounds like a fun one! I learned songs before I learned most of the chords haha! I just learned chords as and when I needed them. C is my favourite chord- It's mega easy!

  3. Fantastic goals! I love it.


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