Amber's post on her childhood imaginary horses made me laugh so hard my cheeks started aching.
Erica looks gorgeous in her blanket wrap.
Kaelah has written about her experience gaining a firearms permit and the post has sparked quite the debate. I'm completely against gun ownership but it's a very interesting read.
Katia's photos of Disneyland Paris have made me really want to go!

Other Favourites

It's fascinating seeing how English/ British soldiers' kits have changed over the centuries.
Russell Brand has addressed the Parklife joke with his own parody video. 

Speaking of parody videos, THIS is how you approach criticism on Youtube!


  1. Loved Amber's post! I had an imaginary horse called Midnight too! I am also so anti-gun! If people in America couldn't get hold of them so easily, then others wouldn't feel the need to have one to protect themselves. There is a reason why there has only been one school shooting in the UK, ever, and multiple ones in the US!! It's something I feel so strongly about and I truly don't understand how sane people can see the other side of this, and I'm usually very open minded but this is just ridiculous. I am able to walk home alone at night, in a city BECAUSE people can't carry guns! Take the guns away, safer area, less need to protect oneself.
    amber love


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