Happy birthday Marie!

As each others' prom dates in 2004

Today is Marie's 27th birthday. Having been friends for about 14 years now, and OMGBFFs for 10, we don't give each other birthday presents these days. Instead I figured I will write this post as a gift. Giving Marie the gift of love. I'm such a good friend!

27 reasons I love Marie
1. She has the darkest sense of humour.
2. She is practially unshockable.
3. She always stayed by my side, even when I was difficult to be around.

Myspace poses in 2005

4. She has always done what was best for me, even if I didn't appreciate it at the time.
5. She has my back one hundred and fifty percent.
6. Even when everyone in the world hated me, she was there.

The Summer of Emo, 2006

7. She has never judged me for my mistakes (or at least she's never told me!)
8. I can tell her absolutely everything.
9. She once made up a song about my dermatillomania to make it seem "normal".

Off to Reading in 2007

10. She hates Harry Potter but never makes fun of my love for it.
11. Actually, she does make fun of my love for it but it's in jest and I love that.
12. She always says what she's thinking.

2008 festival style

13. Her ability to make ever sincere compliment sound sarcastic is hilarious.
14. She tells the worst (read best) jokes.
15. She was more emo than me in the mid-00s, skinny jeans, side fringe and all.

More Reading! 2009 this time.

16. She saw My Chemical Romance with me around15 times.
17. I can sit around her in silence without it being awkward.
18. She blows people's minds with her nerdiness.

Looking perfect in 2010

19. Her cosplay-making skills are beyond incredible. She is so talented!
20. She has stuck with blogging and hasn't let her dyslexia hold her back.
21. She doesn't get annoyed with me when I correct her mistakes!

Looking far from perfect at Download 2011

22. She is one bright cookie and knows so much about history and mythology.
23. All of her TimeHops feature embarrassingly emo photos of each other every day.
24. She and her family took me in when I was having teenage troubles.

Snuggled up in 2012

25. She is absolutely freaking beautiful!
26. Our 14 years of injokes are something spectacular!

2013 zombies

Most of all, number 27, I love her because I have to. She could destroy me with her knowledge of me. If anybody ever found the playscript we wrote aged 17, we'd both be locked up! 

Wet at Alton Towers, 2014

Happy birthday, Marie! I love you, you total douchebag! 


  1. Marie is amazing, I love her nerdiness (especially the fact she watches OUAT!) thank you for introducing us!

    This is such a sweet post, I love that you have been there for each other so much. xxx


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