Photo Binge: October

What with Halloween Week at the end of October, I didn't get a chance to post my photo binge then so I'm popping it in at the beginning of November. By the way, I despise the term "photo binge" but I can't think of a different phrase to use. "Photo dump" is even worse. Does anybody have any suggestions for what I can name this series?

My first post in the series was photos from my iPod and, as this is the first post using photos from my phone, they go all the way back to the summer. From next month on, however, they'll just be from the past month.
You wouldn't believe how often I sit like this// I can't resist playing in Ikea!
I missed my eyelid// This is my trout face!

Yummy Alan Rickman-slash-Snape// My Jigglypuff costume
Crazy excited queuing-for-Pirates of the Caribbean-ride faces// Butterbeer moustache!
Wedding Butterbeer moustaches// Trust Jesus, guyz
Platform 9 3/4 selfie// The Dinosaur ride terrified me! (I'm in the rainbow dress)
The Little Mermaid ride is lovely!// Unicorn phone case
I am the Florida Manatee// Walt Disney World perfection!
How I would look if I was a super slim fashion blogger// Laura and I went back to uni
Shark face! Raar!// Swapping glasses with my mummy


  1. Love this!

    Also, looked up other words for binge:
    Spree, fling, rampage, bender, feast, shindig, carousal, toot (yes, toot!) and orgy.

    So, I'm now really looking forward to Photo Toot November, haha! x

  2. Gosh I love that unicorn Iphone case *_*

    Love, Hannah

  3. So many silly faces, I love it! Milk Butterbeer moustaches are so on trend at the moment too, so you're on to something there ;)


  4. How about 'snapshots' - I like that word :)


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