Review: Annabelle's Wigs

Remember how I pointed out how great my hair looked in last week's OOTD? This is the reason why! Annabelle's Wigs have very kindly sent out a three-quarters wig for me to review and I absolutely love it! 
I plumped for the Breanna hairpiece on the basis that it would give my hair the curls it's supposed to have without any of the annoying fluffy, frizzy mass that usually replaces it. When it arrived, the curls were much looser than those pictured in the main image and more closely resembled the waves of image on the mannequin. However, it's still a gorgeous style and, most importantly, completely frizz-free!

Obviously buying any hair piece online is difficult in terms of colour-matching and this shade (30- light auburn) is not a perfect match but a stunning colour that I wish was the same as my natural tone! At the join, it's pretty apparent that the colours are unmatched (as you can see below), but a cleverly placed hairband hides this well. I'm not a huge fan of the hairband above but it's the best one I have at the moment, and I intend to buy a thicker cloth band, which will also hold the wig in place more securely.

Having said that, I've never worn a wig more secure than this one. It has a comb that slots in at the nape and another that holds it in at the front of the crown. Although this is fiddly to put on at first, once secure it doesn't budge for hours. In fact, it ends up being a little difficult to take out as it's fitted so well, which is always a benefit!

Unlike cheaper wigs which have a mesh cap, this hairpiece has a lightweight netting with gaps for the head to breathe. This makes it a lot cooler than other wigs I've worn and allows easy access to the scalp in the case of an itch. 

Finally, the comfort when wearing this hairpiece is amazing. I tried it on as soon as I got out of excited curiosity but actually kept it on for the whole evening as it was so comfortable. I feel very happy wearing this in public. It may be made of synthetic Kanakelon fibres but it looks very natural and the extra length, body and auburn shade means I end up vainly looking at my reflection constantly!

I think I might have to experiment with some of the other styles now!


  1. wow, it looks really good! Must feel strange though having all that hair x

  2. Looks amazing, I thought it was your real hair in the first pic! xx

  3. Despite not quite fitting the colour, it's great you can work with it and in the end it looks really natural.

  4. It looks amazing on you Becky, you really suit it! xxx

  5. That wig is absolutely stunning it looks so natural on you :)


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