5 best mother figures in books

Normally I publish my book posts on a Tuesday but since today is World Book Day, I thought I'd hold back for a couple of days. To make it extra-seasonal, I've tied this post in with Mothers' Day, following the theme of my #bookbloggers Twitter chat on Tuesday. I've pored over my bookshelves to decide on my five top mother figures in books. 
Best mothers in literature

The Harry Potter Series

This one really didn't require any thinking about and, unsurprisingly, Mrs Weasley was mentioned in pretty much every tweet during the chat. The way she cares for everybody as if they were her own child is just wonderful. She may not be able to provide much financially but she more than makes up for that in her generosity in love.

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

One day I might write a round-up post where A Tree Grows in Brooklyn isn't included... or at least one where I actually have the book to hand when I take photos. At the moment it's living in my car, because you never know when you might need it! Katie Nolan is fierce, steely and determined to create a better life for her children. While she may not be overly affectionate, her children know how much they are loved.

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The Book Thief

In a similar vein to Katie Nolan, Rosa Hubermann is a strong woman who doesn't show affection in that clichéd motherly way. Despite her strictness, and terrible language, she is a compassionate and caring woman who really does want the best for everyone. Testament to this is the fact that although she is not our protagonist's biological mother, she still accomodates her and supports her throughout the novel.

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The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly

OK, OK. Sprout is a hen. She's still a really lovely little character and a fantastic mother to her little chicks. Sprout wants a new life for her children- a better life than she could ever have dreamed of- and will sacrifice everything in order to do this. 

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The Help

Aibileen, a black maid in 1960s America, is interesting as a motherly figure since she lost her own son. However, she still cares for the children she minds as if they were her own and instills them with the knowledge that love and kindness are more important than skin colour. As the novel progresses, she grows more confident in herself and ultimately realises how strong she is. 

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Who are your favourite motherly figures in literature? Let me know!

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  1. I love the character of Aibileen and it broke my heart when she had to leave Mae Mobley - especially since she was more of a mother to her than Elizabeth ever was.

    Totally agree with the rest of this list too - great post <3


  2. I really loved Rosa in The Book Thief (it is one of my favourite books) as I felt she was so strict but you could tell she really did love her family at the same time. I thought it was a wonderful touch :) Also, I do not think you could not have mentioned Molly Weasley on a topic like this as she is the ultimate Mother figure.
    Whilst not a favourite mother figure, I always think Eva Khatchadourian from We Need to Talk About Kevin is an interesting one purely based on the whole nature/nurture debate of the book. Could never make my mind up on whether she was a good mother or not.

    Emily |

  3. Gosh I love Molly Weasley, her unconditional love for all her children plus Harry. It reminds us all that money isn't everything, there's something so much stronger. I loved listening to Jo Rowling discuss all the important female characters in the HP series.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  4. I loved all of these books <3

  5. Rosa in the Book Thief is my fave of these - very much the unconventional mother figure and not the least bit maternal but you get the sense that she'd do anything for her family if it really came down to it. She gets mad because she cares.

    Kelly x

  6. I couldn't agree more with Molly Weasley and Aibileen. Those two are such great mother figures in literature. Great post! x x

  7. Molly Weasley is great! Yep, definitely a role model.


  8. The Book Thief is one of my favourite all time reads. Great list though!! Xx

  9. Oh Molly ^_^ she's the absolute best (made only better by the fact that Julie Walters did a stellar job of playing her in the movies). Totally agree with you on Aibileen and Sprout too! Xx

  10. What a lovely idea for a post! Molly Weasley would definitely be on my list too :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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