Review // Lush Mothers' Day 2016

If I'm honest, I've been really disappointed by the latest seasonal collections from Lush. Halloween and Valentine's Day have both been really limited and I don't think there was anything at all for Bonfire Night. It seems to me that they're releasing really small collections so they can push old favourites in the Kitchen every day (and pocket a £3.95 shipping fee each time). Likewise, the Mothers' Day collection was absolutely tiny- not at all what I've come to expect from Lush. However, this time I'll let them off because each product is so lovely! Lush 2016 Mothers' Day Collection Review
Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb Review
Rose Bombshell has been a staple of Mothers' Day for a while now but this year it's had a makeover. Gone is the simple white colour and delicate rose bud, and in its place is this pretty pink moulded design. A super fast fizzer, it releases rose petals into the salmon pink water. As the name suggests, rose is the primary fragrance but there's also a sweet citrus note of Sicilian lemon which adds a fresh layer.

Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Cream Review
Yummy Mummy was introduced last year as a shower gel and I wasn't a big fan at first. I found it a bit sickly and overpowering. However, as I continued to use it, I found my tastes changed and I ended up absolutely loving it so I was very happy to see it's returned. Like Rose Bombshell, Yummy Mummy has had a bit of a facelift and is now a shower cream- richer, thicker and more moisturising than a gel. Thankfully, the fragrance of orange, tonka and geranium has stayed the same. It's an odd combination but it works in an earthy, floral way while keeping skin silky-soft. I've stocked up! 

Lush Ladybird Bubble Bar Review
Look how cute this little dude is! I absolutely love him! Ladybird has one of the most unique scents I've ever experienced with Lush- peppermint and geranium. This minty floral is unusual but absolutely amazing! Just half a bubble bar creates ample bubbles for the tub and, like Rose Bombshell, leaves the water an orange-pink shade. I've pretty much bought out the UK's entire stock of Ladybirds and I'm crossing everything that he returns next year!

It may be Mothers' Day today but these products are still stocked on the site as I type, and they'll be available in store until they run out too. Be quick and you'll still be able to get your hands on them! 

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  1. I loved the products you featured in this post but I agree that they aren't releasing many new products into stores. It sucks as I hate paying postage fees so try to avoid buying lush stuff online; not to mention they usually come damaged from the post as well :(
    Great post xo

    Emily |

  2. I've noticed this too :( I love the products but I miss the days of massive launches, certainly more than a handful of products. - Amy x

  3. The ladybird is the only one I decided to purchase as I adore the scent, anything minty and I'm sold! I really hate rose and lavender which seems to be quite a "motherly" thing.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  4. I've been a bit disappointed by their collections too although the easter and mothers day ranges look adorable x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  5. Ladybird is so cute, I love the peppermint scent! I really like the Yummy Mummy shower cream too :) xx


  6. I love Yummy Mummy and Ladybird. Ladybird is such a difference scent to anything I've smelt from Lush before. I hope they have it back next year, too! x x


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