OOTD // Black Dress and Polaroid Sunglasses

This weekend has been so glorious! Finally it feels like spring is around the corner and I had the perfect opportunity to try out my new Polaroid sunglasses from Discounted Sunglasses. 
Plus size black dress
As you can tell from these photos, it was a bright day, so I was super grateful for the polarised lenses, which prevent glare and meant I was able to drive comfortably without worrying about my vision being impaired. It doesn't hurt that they're gorgeous too! 
Black polaroid cat eye sunglasses
I always go for cat eye glasses and sunglasses as I feel like they're the only frames that really suit my face. Handy, as they're my favourite shape too. Although I've got several different pairs of cat eye sunglasses, none of them are black so I thought it was about time I got myself a pair of dark glasses. They're just so classic and versatile, and go with any outfit. I also feel like they make me look like a legitimate blogger. Just me? OK then...

I'm also really fussy with the brand of my sunglasses. I don't want to be a sunglasses snob, but I just really love high end pairs. Luckily, Discounted Sunglasses are on hand to supply designer sunglasses as a much lower price. They source past- and current-season frames and glasses from approved retailers so you can be sure that everything stocked is 100% genuine. As well as Polaroid pairs, like mine, you can find brands such as Burberry, Dior and Tom Ford. I know where I'll be looking next time I need some new sunglasses! 
Black michael kors jetset bag
 As well as my sunglasses, my black outfit was made up of this dress with a white lace collar from Sainsbury's. I actually bought it about 18 months ago but it was a very generous fit. So generous, in fact, that the skirt hung down to a length that I didn't like at all. As I've put a little weight on over the past year, it fits a lot better now and I'm much happier with the length. I also wore my new Crocs flats (you'd never guess, would you?) and my trusty Michael Kors bag, now that I've had it returned to me after its back-of-a-taxi adventure!

Let's hope this sunny weather continues so I get a lot of use out of my new sunglasses! 

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  1. Love the bag and shades, great outfit :)

    Sophie x

  2. love your dress Becky and of course your bag too,love that. I can never find the right sunglasses that suit me but i really like the look of these ones! You look fab sweetie xx

  3. You are timeless <3 Love everything about this outfit, right down to the pop of color on your fingernails!
    ~ Samantha

  4. You look lovely Becky! I love the sunglasses <3 xx

  5. I wore my sunglasses all weekend and all today, making the most of it in case the sun goes away again! I love the collar on that dress.

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  6. I love this dress! I can't believe it is from Sainsbury's that is awesome, the little white collar makes me super happy. xx


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