Spring in Whitstable

Whitstable is my favourite place in the whole world. In 2003, my grandparents moved to this little seaside town in Kent and I'd spend my school holidays with them. They were such happy times. As there's not a whole lot for a teenage girl to do there, I always found it so relaxing. No friend drama to worry about. No keeping up pretences. No stress. Just relaxing with my grandparents- reading, drawing, visiting the beach. Bliss! After a few years they moved back to our hometown so they could be closer to the family (and didn't have a huge garden to tend for!) and I've only been back once since, when Rich and I spent my 21st birthday there. We'd intended to return for my birthday this year but unexpectedly ended up there earlier this week.
Whitstable Beach Tourist

On Monday, we jumped in the car and drove down to Margate to visit Dreamland. Unfortunately, when we got there, we found that it had been closed due to the weekend storms. Of course it was a beautiful, clear day but it's better to be safe than sorry! As we'd travelled a long way, we didn't want to turn around and go straight home. Rich suggested we head to Whitstable instead as we'd passed it on the way. What a great suggestion that was!
Whitstable Squeeze Gut Alley Whitstabloe Tudor Tea Room
After getting disproportionately stressed trying to find somewhere to park (I wanted to use the car park my grandad favoured, because I get sentimental about banal things like that, but it was closed) and then almost snapping off a part of my bumper going over a sleeping policeman too quickly, we headed straight to the Tudor Tea Rooms in Harbour Street.
Whitstable Tudor Tea Rooms Menu
Whenever I visited my grandparents (there's going to be a lot of this, just to warn you!), we'd spend one day in Canterbury and one day in a different local town but aside from those two days, every morning would be spent in the town centre. Only for an hour or two to pick up some meat for dinner, or a gardening fork, or some fabric for my grandma, but it was an unshakeable daily routine. Before heading home, we'd pop into the Tudor Tea Rooms for a drink and a scone. It's cute because this was their routine for my entire living memory. Wherever they were living, wherever they were visiting, they'd pop into a coffee shop or cafe every morning at 11.
Spring flowers daffodil Sugarboy Whitstable
We then headed to Sugarboy- a gorgeously old-fashioned sweet shop- where my grandad would buy us one bag of sweets each day. I usually chose cola Millions or aniseed balls but as neither were available this time, I settled on fizzy cola bottles instead. Then, striped paper bag in hand, we walked up Harbour Street towards the harbour.
Whitstable things to visit do Whitstable Harbour Whitstable Harbour Fisherman Whitstable Harbour Boats
Let me tell you, there is no smell in the world greater than that of Whitstable Harbour! It's particularly fishy but not like your bog-standard Tesco fish counter. Instead, it's all mixed up with the salt air and the seaweed and the famous Whitstable oysters. Not to mention that it's absolutely adorable! A teeny-tiny harbour with the same boats that have been there for years. I was ecstatic to see Oly Ray still bobbing along as she was my grandad's favourite.
Whitstable Oysters Whitstable Beach Crab claw Whistable seaside Oyster shell Shellfish Thief Oyster spat collectors
From the harbour, we walked along the beach where both my grandad's ashes are scattered. It was an absolutely beautiful day, although very breezy, and it felt lovely to be so near my grandad. I miss him dearly but I really felt close to him while I was on the beach. 
Whitstable oyster boats Whitstable Oyster Co Boat Whitstable houses Whitstable Fisherman Hut Whitstable beach groyne Whitstable yachts Whitstable sunset
By now, the sun was starting to lower and we had a long drive home, so we headed back to the car. It was a wonderful, if unexpected, couple of hours and I can't wait to return in the summer!

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  1. Such beautiful photos, I've actually never been to Whitstable, it looks lovely and quaint :)
    You really can't beat the smell of a harbour, I totally understand where you're coming from.

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  2. I need to explore Whitstable, it's weird that I've not already done so considering my affinity for the seaside!

  3. i live in kent and therefore go to whitstable quite a lot and it's one of my favourite places to go as well! my boyfriend has also just been lucky enough to attend a wedding at the lobster shack on the seafront which was so cool!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

  4. Such lovely photos, lucky you had nice weather for an unexpected trip! I love Whitstable, I go to uni in Canterbury and I'm spending as much time as possible going round all the local towns, and I have to Whitstable is a favourite so far

    Emily xx |

  5. Whitstable is also one of my favourite places in the world. It is a place full of memories for me! My grandparents have a family caravan and we visit the beautiful town regularly throughout the year. The beach, shops, harbour - I love it all! I might bump into you at some point haha!


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