First Eyebrow Threading Experience // Shavata Brow Studio

My eyebrows are my babies. Thankfully I was too scared to pluck them as a teen so I completely avoided the single-strand look of the early 00s and still have my full, bushy brows intact. A little too bushy perhaps, so I get them waxed at a Benefit Brow Bar every few weeks. This makes me sound a lot more put-together than I am. In reality, I only realise it's time to get another wax when I resemble a werewolf and have somewhere important to be. 
Eyebrow threading results

Unfortunately, earlier this week I found myself missing an appointment (Thanks Central Line!) and completely unable to get a new one. After trying three different branches, one Benefit girl suggested I try the Shavata Brow Studio in House of Fraser Oxford Street.

I approached Kerri Ann at Shavata and asked if they had availability for a brow shape. To my relief, they did. She showed me to a chair, cranked it down so I could sit in it and casually asked "Have you had your brows threaded before?"

Hahahawhat? No no no! I did not sign up for this. I'd heard horror stories of eyebrow threading and the sheer agony that comes with it. But I did really need my brows done and I was already in the seat so might as well go through with it, right? I explained to Kerri Ann that I was a bit nervous and she, very logically, said "Well they say you should do one thing every day that scares you. This can be your thing". 

I showed her a photo of my brows in full fleek mode, so she could see the shape I like, and was reassured by how closely she studied the photo. Once satisfied that she knew what I wanted, she cranked the chair up, tipped it back and showed me how to pull my skin taut so she could work on it.

After trimming some of the longer hairs, Kerri Ann prepared her thread and said "You'll feel the thread running across your skin now". True to her word, I felt a gentle stroke as- presumably- she lined up the thread against my brow. At least, that's what I thought she was doing, until she asked me "How's that for you?" Wait, this is it? I could barely feel a thing!

Even when the bottom of my brows were being threaded, I didn't experience any pain whatsoever. It literally just felt like somebody was passing a piece of thread across my skin. Yes, the ripping noise was a little off-putting but I found something quite satisfying in it. In fact, my biggest issue was a rogue eyebrow hair settling just inside my nostril and tickling me. That and the pain in my arms from holding them up so long. 

When both brows were done, Kerri Ann cooled them down with some form of liquid on a cotton pad and then filled them in for me with pencil. Once this was done, she noticed a couple of stray hairs so went back in and removed those too.

The whole process was so simple and pain-free that I can't believe I'd never done it before. I think I prefer the sharpness of my brows when they've been waxed, and waxing is marginally cheaper, but threading felt a bit more satisfying and doesn't give me the sensitivity or dry skin that I get from wax. It also helps that Kerri Ann gave me a loyalty card so I can get my sixth treatment free. 

I was really impressed with the service, customer care and attention to detail that I got at Shavata. Right now I can't quite pick a favourite between that and Benefit, since they're two very different experiences, but I'll definitely be returning, especially as Shavata have a studio just down the road from me! 

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  1. I've always wanted to have the threading experience!! No pain!?! That's so cool! I really have to try this out because my eyebrows need some serious help!! =P

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. I kind of like the pain of brow threading! It's a weird feeling, but I've got fab brows after it.


  3. Okay I am insanely jealous that you experienced no pain getting your eyebrows threaded! When I have it done it causes me so much discomfort I just struggle the whole time trying not to sneeze and hit the person working on me in the face - true story.

    Your eyebrows look really great - it just goes to show that even if it can hurt like hell threading can give such a great shape :)

    Mel ♥ everyword.meljwills.com

  4. Oh wow your brows look incredible! I've never had mine waxed/threaded before and usually just pluck them myself, but I think its about time I got them done professionally (Hopefully they'll be as fab as yours)
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  5. I know what you mean, there was one threading treatment I had that I actually enjoyed haha! I believe threading gets all the little hairs from all around the brow, more than what you would get from waxing. I go for threading all the time now (when I get round to it) as it seems to be offered instead of waxing more and more nowadays. x
    Amy at Amy & More

  6. I have always been way too scared to get my brows threaded, but reading this has totally changed my mind. They look so good! :)

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  7. i've always heard from people that it's super painful, this goes to show that's not always the case! loved reading about your experience, it may encourage me to have my brows threaded too x


  8. I really want to get my brows threaded but I don't know any good places around me. I've never actually had my eyebrows done, usually I pluck them myself but every now and then something goes wrong haha! Yours look perfect!

    Sally - DiagonSally

  9. LOVE a good brow shape, and I swear by threading :)


  10. Awh my first (and only) experience was terrible! A friend persuaded me to go with her to get it done in Superdrug and it was horrible. In the middle of an aisle and the woman never said a word to me. She just kind of shoved my head around and put my hands to hold the skin around my eyes, repeatedly replacing them as I guess I'm bad at staying still. But the sound and feel and being so rude put me off so much! I usually get them waxed where I get my hair cut where its all private and serene. The waxing is painless and they put soothing gel on afterwards and chat to you. Made me appreciate the place and don't think I'll go anywhere else anytime soon!

    Rhi x | shylittlemess.com

  11. I prefer getting my eyebrows threaded over getting them waxed- I usually get sharper results! The first time it felt like a cheese-grater was being used on my brows instead of thread, but since then it hasn't bothered me in the slightest. Is it weird that I actually enjoy getting them done?

  12. Wow no pain!? That is incredible. I think threading has to be one of the most painful forms of hair removal and I think I've tried nearly everything. You've gotten lovely results.

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane

  13. I definitely prefer threading, but oh I find it so painful haha! Always have watery eyes when it's done! Reminds me - I need to get mine done!

  14. Your eyebrows are incredible!! I wish I hadn't embraced my inner chav in high school and plucked mine as much as I did. But never mind, I can live vicariously through those with good eyebrows (like you) hahaha. I've never had my eyebrows threaded and I've been thinking about going to a brow bar a lot recently. I mean, I probably never will, as I'm too poor; but reading about threading here has inspired me!

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

  15. In Turkey, the only way they do your eyebrows is by threading them. Once you start threading, any other method of doing your eyebrows just doesn't seem to work as good as threading!

    -Irem |http://hallcyon.com/


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