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If I lived in Austria (and you better believe I'm doing my best to convince Rich to get a transfer to his company's Vienna branch), I would take outfit photos every day. It's so incredibly photogenic everywhere you turn and, as Salzburg has such a small population, it's really quiet too. None of this waiting around until everybody has left the shot! These photos were taken in a little courtyard next to St Peter's Archabbey, just outside a restaurant that is reputed to be one of the oldest in the world. History everywhere you look! Plus size 70s folk dress ASOS Curve Missguided
Dress- Missguided Plus at ASOS Curve
Bag- H Butler c/o House of Fraser
Leggings- Evans
Boots- Missguided
Missguided Plus Embroidered Dress As soon as I saw this dress on ASOS, I knew I had to buy it for Austria. It might not be a dress made out of old drapes, admittedly, but possibly the next best thing. I absolutely love the folky embroidered detail and it definitely has an Alpine feel about it. I sized up as I didn't have a lot of time until I flew out and figured a bit big was better than a bit small, and the dress fits absolutely perfectly. I haven't bought anything from Missguided Plus before so I'm not sure if their clothes always run small, but I'd definitely recommend sizing up just in case.
Plus size floral embroidered dress
A note on my leggings; No doubt some of you have noticed that I wear leggings all the time. (I know you know because there's always a couple of people who ask me to stop wearing them and liberate my legs). The reason I wear them is because A- my chub rub is like nothing else and B- I don't need to shave my legs as much. Lazy life 4eva. Anyway, I normally buy my leggings from New Look because they're properly opaque (none of this see-through Primark business), comfortable and come in an extra long length, but lately I've noticed the quality has gone rapidly downhill. The material is thinner and they rip along the inside seam in just a few wears. While in Evans to buy some tights, I took a chance on some of their leggings. The material was much thicker so I worried they would feel a bit constrictive but, actually, they're more comfortable, more opaque and more hard-wearing than any other leggings I've worn before. Only £15 for two pairs, too! I'm completely converted!
H Butler Fringe Mighty Purse Review
This bag, the Mighty Purse from H Butler, was an absolute life saver! Of course, it's gorgeous and perfectly matches my 70s folky feel with its black fringe detail and the cross-body strap is super convenient. The real draw, however, is what's inside- it's a handbag that charges your phone. Yes, really. Tucked in the bag is a thin pouch containing a portable charger with a cable that plugs into your phone. If, like me, you have an iPhone, there is an adapter included for Apple products. To use, just unzip the pouch and plug the enclosed USB cable into a computer. On the side of the charger, visible through a cut-out in the pouch, is a light indicator to show how much power is left to use. Towards the end of my trip, I discovered that you can remove the pouch from the bag as it's attached with poppers, so essentially it's not much different to any other portable charger you can buy. However, the thinness of it makes it really compact so it slots inside a bag much more easily than the usual bulky ones and saves up more room for important things. Like a dozen different lipsticks. Another thing I absolutely loved about this bag is that it's real suede and smells absolutely divine! 
H Butler Phone Charging Handbag
The bag also works beautifully with my new ankle boots. I am head over heels in love with these boots. From Missguided, they are made of black suedette with tassel detailing at the ankle. They're incredibly comfortable with no rubbing or pinching at all, even on the first wear. I've always thought I couldn't walk in heels of any size, no matter how small, so I was surprised when I discovered these had a little 1 inch heel. I'd been wearing them a week and had no idea because not only am I incredibly unobservant but they also felt like flats. They're so versatile that I've been wearing them with every outfit lately. The only downside is that the material isn't suitable for rainy weather so I'll definitely be heading to Missguided for some more weather-appropriate ankle boots. 
Missguided Plus sizing fit
 I finished off my look with some braids just to complete that mountain feel. It was the natural choice, right?

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  1. love your outfit Becky and you are lookin fab girl.I would love to go and see Austria myself,maybe someday x

  2. Salzburg is such a lovely city, I've visited twice and it really is quiet at times! This dress is so pretty, Becky x

  3. I love that dress! It is definately one I would wander around Salzburg in :P

  4. Austria is on my bucket list to visit next! Gorgeous dress and bag!

    Parie x

  5. I must also admit that I often opt for leggings/jeans so I can be super lazy with the leg shaving...

    On a more exciting note, I love this dress! It looks lovely on you and the embroidery is so cute :)


  6. This dress is great...I have a black embroidered jumper which I love. I also love a good themed outfit. When in Rome!

  7. What a cute dress! I remember that courtyard well too! We popped in for dinner during the Christmas season and it was just the most incredible thing ever - I did a whole blog post on it! Did you eat there during your trip?

  8. What a lovely post- that dress is gorgeous and I had a chuckle about your comment on the leggings and leg hair situation. I feel ya! Hope you had a lovely time there :)

  9. I really love the design on that dress! And a bag that can charge your phone?! That's pretty amazing haha.


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