Oxford Day Trip

Last spring, Helen and I popped over to Bath for a day trip. This year, we decided to do arrange another day trip and settled on another historic city- Oxford. I'd never been before, and Helen had only been for one brief visit years ago, so we were excited to explore. Unfortunately, neither of us thought to do any research before we went so, once we arrived, we weren't really sure what to do. Oxford Architecture
We decided to go on a Sunday as we figured it would be a little quieter. Wrong. It was heaving with tourists. Because of this, and because we're both cheapskates, we didn't want to pay to enter any of the buildings or museums. Instead, we just wandered around from restaurant to coffee shop, stopping via Lush, Boots and the World's Smallest Primark.
Radcliffe Camera Oxford Schola Moralis Philosopiae Bodelian Library Oxford
There's no denying that Oxford is absolutely beautiful. The architecture is stunning and it's steeped full of history, culture and annoying posh students in togas racing downhill on bikes. By the end of the day, we were both convinced that there must be a secret underground city where all the interesting parts are, as the Oxford we experienced was just like any other large town in England, albeit with prettier buildings.
Oxford flag Decorative wrought iron gate
I'm trying to convince Helen to go to Cambridge next time. If nothing else, we can always play around on a boat! 
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  1. Funnily enough, I've got a post about my recent Oxford day trip coming up on my blog tomorrow :P I love Oxford, it is a stunning city, however it can look its magic a little bit because it is packed full of tourists, all the time. I have to say, the colleges are fascinating to visit, especially Christ Church if you're a Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland fan. The Ashmolean Museum is great as well, they have various collections that are very well displayed, and it's not busy at all compared to other parts of the city! :)

    Julia x
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  2. I've never been to Oxford, but it does look pretty. I can imagine it being absolutely insane with the tourists though! It's a shame it wasn't more interesting. I have grown up 20 minutes from Cambridge, and it is a lovely city. Punting is great, and the city is gorgeous!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  3. I grew up in Oxford and it's beautiful. Some good bits that you wouldn't find in the city centre, as that's tourist central. But it is a small Primark haha X

  4. Beautiful photos! My parents love Oxford but if I'm honest I've never been that keen, think I might just need to make myself go more and I might enjoy it?!

  5. Man I miss Oxford so much, especially after looking at your photos, they're SO pretty!

  6. I've never been to Oxford, but it's somewhere I would love to go, as it looks so beautiful! It's a shame it wasn't more interesting when you went to visit, though! x x

  7. There's actually a few free museums that are worth a visit, if you ever make another visit, like the Ashmolean, Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers, which is housed inside Natural History Museum and packed with curiosities (including shrunken heads!). :) I've worked in Oxford for about a year now and find that you do have to look a little outside the high street to find the best bits of the city. I love it though. The tiny Primark is terrible, it used to be in much bigger location just few months back but which is now under reconstruction. Hardly worth going into now!

  8. Ah, there SO is a secret interesting Oxford!! It sounds like you got trapped in the tourist streets and didn't get to see any of our wealth of books and weird artefacts and interesting shops and riverside walks and historic pubs. Let me know if you ever want a rematch and I'll take you on a tour. And we have punts as well, not just Cambridge!

  9. I'd love to visit Oxford! I've heard so much about it and love all of its history! Stinks that you were hit with a bunch of tourists during your visit.


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