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Have you heard about this little thing called the Olympics coming up? Like everyone else in the UK, I'll be rooting for Tom Daley in the diving and I'm positive that he'll do us proud, in spite of his recently-revealed secret: He struggles to swim one length of a 50 metre pool. Volvic managed to tease the revelation out of him as part of their Touch of Fruit Reveal Your Flavour campaign, encouraging people up and down the country to share those sides of their character that have previously been kept hidden. Now, I thought long and hard to come up with a revelation of my own but, erm, I'm just too open. I don't have any secrets or hidden passions. Instead, I've written two lists- one for new readers who won't necessarily know these aspects of my character and one of little facts that I don't think I've revealed before.
Volvic Touch of Fruit Reveal Your Flavour
  • I got married at Hogwarts. Rich and I flew out to Florida, had my best friend officiated and got married at Wizarding World of Harry Potter even though I'd been explicitly told they didn't allow weddings. It was fine! We didn't get kicked out (in fact, the staff gave us free drinks!) and, yes, it is 100% legal! Read more here.
  • Alan Rickman is the love of my life and always will be. There's not much more I can say about this one. I wrote a long post after his death about why I love him.
  • I am starting a master's degree in death. Death, Religion and Culture to give it its full name. The plan is to get my master's, then study a PhD at the University of Bath's Centre for Death Studies and then possibly work with bereaved children.
  • Nick Clegg is my arch enemy and idol. Genuinely, I love Nick Clegg. I was a huge Lib Dem supporter and, just before the 2010 election, I followed him on Twitter and he followed me back. For SIX YEARS, Nick and I were Twitter buddies. He was not only the person who I'd followed the longest but also the person who had followed me for longest. I voted for him in two elections. Then, earlier this year, he unfollowed me. Just like that. After all we went through!! I was the only person, besides himself, who voted for him, I was shouting my support for him from the rooftops and this is how he repays me? I still haven't forgiven him. Still love him though.
  • Let's Get Ready to Rhumble is my jam. Ant & Dec are pretty much my favourite humans (along with Rylan) and this classic is genuinely one of my top songs of all time. I can also whack out an incredible version of the 2002 Lady Marmalade cover. Seriously. Test me.
  • I once had tea with Motion City Soundtrack. You know the band? I don't really but I had tea with them in 2006. They were supporting Funeral for a Friend, the gig was cancelled at the last minute and we ended up walking to a nearby pub for tea, of all things. Yep.
  • I'm in a My Chemical Romance DVD. I'm only visible if you play the DVD- Life on the Murder Scene, FYI- frame by frame but I'm there nevertheless. Whilst queueing for the 2004 Astoria gig (my first gig, no less), the camera crew filmed all down the line and there I am in all my Claire's-Accessories-studded-belt-and-bootleg-band-shirt glory. I'm also somewhere at the back of the Planetary Go video but no amount of pausing that footage will show me up.
  • For a brief period, I was obsessed with Pearl Harbour. To be fair, I was 14 years old and in love with Josh Hartnett but I took it a little too far. I set myself research projects and memorised the script. I was a weird teen.
Another hidden fact? The only bottled water I'll buy is Touch of Fruit. That sounds like an incredibly cheesy lie for the brand but I promise it's true! Lemon and Lime or Strawberry are my favourites but I've loved the opportunity to try some more flavours, such as Summer Fruits and Orange. This summer, reveal your flavour with Volvic.

Touch of Fruit provided by Volvic but all revelations my own

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  1. Can't believe Nick Clegg unfollowed you. As if he's in a position to be choosy about friends! What a douche! Xx


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