The Rocky Horror Show Tour

Back in 2013, my Grandma took me to see The Rocky Horror Show in Woking and it was one of the best things I ever did with her (terribly-photographed post here). Almost three years later to the day, I returned to the same theatre with Marie to see the show as a late birthday treat. It might not have been quite funny entering the auditorium with someone my own age, rather than pushing a tiny, sweet 78-year-old in her wheelchair, but I still had a whale of a time!
Rocky Horror Show 2016 UK Tour Review
Marie had planned to dress as Columbia but completely forgot we had the tickets booked until a few days before. I ordered them in February to give her plenty of time to make the costume but I guess the downside of booking so far in advance is the inevitable forgetfulness! Instead she threw on a black playsuit and "just quickly knocked up an apron". Yes, she literally made an apron in ten minutes and then acted like that was a totally normal thing to do. She's a sewing genius, I tell you! I dressed up as Biggins because why wouldn't I? 

We arrived nice and early, and ordered a couple of Rocky Horror-themed cocktails. Marie had the Damnit Daiquiri whereas I plumped for the Eddie Elderflower Collins. Unfortunately, both were hugely disappointing pre-mixed drinks. The daiquiri was squeezed out of a pouch into a cocktail shaker and pretty much tasted like strawberry water, while mine was poured out of a bottle. The elderflower, apple, lemon and gin combo sounds like everything I could ever want in a cocktail but it was genuinely the most disgusting thing I've ever paid £7 for. Not impressed!
Rocky Horror Show Biggins Costume
Thankfully, the show itself made up for it. We had great seats in the Royal Circle and nobody behind us so we could stand up and dance as much as we liked. Watching with a fellow Rocky Horror fan was great since I could sing along without feeling weird and, of course, The Time Warp was amazing fun with everybody joining in.

Although I think I preferred the cast of the 2013 tour, Sophie Linder-Lee and Richard Meek stood out as Columbia and Brad respectively, and we were also excited to discover that Paul Cattermole aka Paul from S Club freaking 7 had taken on the roles of Eddie and Dr Scott. Norman Pace did a wonderful job as the narrator, especially during such a difficult week post-referendum, taking the current political landscape and neatly slotting it into completely inoffensive jokes, creating a much needed light-hearted escape from the news while preventing the easier option of avoiding it altogether.

As I expected, we had a wonderful time and we're definitely going to return next time Rocky Horror swings by. The current tour is on until the end of December so you've got plenty of time to catch it near you. 
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  1. Great post! :) I'm so jealous, I really want to go and see this! I hope I can get tickets. I think it's awesome that you dressed up for it :)

  2. I LOVE your costume! Also slightly jealous about this, this was in birmingham earlier this year and didn't get tickets. I'd love to see the Rocky Horror Show in theater, maybe next time!

    Sarah xo // See The Stars


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