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Superdrug recently opened a brand new store at Whiteley Shopping Centre in Fareham. Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit the store so Superdrug very kindly sent me some new and exclusive products to try out. Since there are so many, I've decided on a first impressions post with some more in-depth reviews coming later.
Superdrug make up

I've been looking for the ultimate primer for a few months now. I want a mattifying primer that doesn't dry out my skin. Gosh Primer Plus Hydration does a good job. The tube dispenses a small amount at a time so there's no waste and, although it is initially an opaque white gel-like consistency, when applied to the skin it becomes transparent with a smooth, almost velvety texture. It dries quickly without any stickiness and creates a great base for foundation. I also really like the compact tube which is perfect for travelling since it doesn't take up huge amounts of space.


Matte lipsticks are my thing and I've got a new appreciation of nudes ever since I tried Velvet Teddy. This Gosh Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick in Nougat is very sheer and unfortunately applies unevenly. Bizarrely, considering the name, it's not matte at all and instead has a glossy sheen to it. This may be because I tried it over lip balm but, when I swatched it on my hand, I had the same result. It's good for a subtle hint of that 90s brown but not what the name suggests at all.


Confession time: I've never contoured before. This was a fun experiment! I received the medium contour shades which were a little dark for me, to be honest, but it did give me the opportunity to try contouring for the first time. I used Superdrug's How to Contour guide to help but, although it was really easy to follow along, I was absolutely terrible! The darker of the two shades is very dark and I made the mistake of putting far too much on. The lighter one was easier for me to use. I found that there was a lot of loose powder and the shades were really pigmented so a little goes a long way! The case is super handy as it's so small and slim, with a mirror on the inside of the lid- perfect for slipping into a handbag. 


The shade I received was Kisses Waiting and it is pink. Like, really pink. Neon pink. Although the packaging describes it as a lipgloss, it's actually more of a liquid lipstick although it applies with a patchy, streaky appearance. It feels sticky and takes a long time to dry. However, the packaging is convenient with a slim tube and a doe foot applicator.


This Freedom Pro Strobe Cream can be used on targeted areas as a highlighter or applied to the entire face to add a glowing radiance. It's easy to apply- even for me! Just squeeze a little of the white cream into the palm and apply with fingertips. If, like me, you prefer a more subtle highlight, this is perfect as it creates a soft, shimmery glow that looks super natural. The packaging feels a little flimsy, especially the lid, but it manages to pack a fair amount of product into quite a small tube. It also has a soft powdery scent which isn't unpleasant.


These brushes are so soft to the touch that I just sat and stroke them for a while. We all do it, right? The eye contour brush has quite a broad surface so covers a fair bit of the eye lid but the angled shape allows for more targeted application. The surface of the blending brush is perfectly flat with densely-packed bristles that are great for buffing and blending powders. Both handles are rounded and make the brushes easy to use but aren't too long which is a big consideration for us short-sighted folk!
Superdrug hair skin care

Ok, the tin may be walking the line between fun and cringe but the cherry lip balm inside is really pretty good. It has a gorgeous cherry cola fragrance and is super moisturising. It doesn't make my lips feel greasy or sticky and is perfect when my lips get dry. It's also a pretty sizeable tin, although I found it difficult to apply the lip balm with my long nails. That's my fault though!


This strawberry cream soap is unique because of its four chunks that you break apart to create easy-to-use mini bars. It has a delicious fruity fragrance of strawberries (no surprises there!) and it lathers up really well to create a soft, foamy consistency. After use, my skin felt smooth and smelled absolutely lovely!


Remember when everyone was going crazy over argan oil? I loved what it did for my curls and how it smelt like Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male but then the blogging world moved on and I completely forgot about it. Thank the Lord for Superdrug bringing it back into my life with this Hair Therapy Shine Mist! It smells incredible. Not the same as the original argan oil but more of a spicy, woody scent. I was surprised when I applied it as it didn't make my hair feel wet at all. Instead, it covered my hair in a soft mist that dried instantly. It did give my hair a subtle shine but the biggest draw for me was how it effortlessly tamed my frizzy hair, making it smooth and sleek. 


Why have I never before thought of sun cream in a pouch? This Solait Pouch Sun Cream is so much easier to pack than big bulky bottles and, since it only has a few applications in each pouch, it's really convenient to pop into a bag when you're off out for the day. The screw top lid means it's resealable and it's secure so there are no leaks (believe me, I tried!) Although it's SPF 30, so fairly high coverage, it feels lightweight when applied and is absorbed ridiculously quickly. Unlike some sun creams, it doesn't leave a greasy residue. It also has a different fragrance to other sun creams with an almost floral note. I'll be keeping this very handy! 

I'm so pleased to have found some great new products, especially the hair mist and sun cream. They're going to be staples for the summer, I think!

Products provided by Superdrug for review but all opinions my own

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  1. I'm really impressed with the packaging of (most of) these products. They look really appealing. After reading your impressions I'm definitely going to try out the hair mist and the strobe cream, they look great. Thanks for the reviews!

    Beth x

  2. What a gorgeous lip color. I always want to get into Gosh but I have no idea which products to start with x

    Coco | The Beauty Milk

  3. Hi! It's a shame you didn't like the lipstick, I couldn't rate those any higher! Maybe go in store and swatch some, there's a gorgeous nude called Antique that is matte, for me anyway. I really like them!

    Paige x

  4. Sounds like a few of these were a bit hit and miss :) those B. eye brushes sound good though :O I should check out some of their other offerings :)

    Dannie x


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