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I like to think I'm surprisingly good at bowling. I'm not. I'm rubbish, but I like to think it. So when Hollywood Bowl got in touch asking if I would like to pop down to their refurbished bowling alley, I was excited to show off my amazing bowling talents! Colourful bowling balls

When I arrived, we were checked in by a really lovely girl on the desk who had the most perfect eyeliner I've ever seen in my life. She complimented my nails so I made sure to tell her how I was admiring her make up skills. After checking in, we asked for bowling shoes but she explained that we don't need them unless we're wearing open-toed footwear. This was a huge bonus since nobody likes wearing those weird red and blue things, right? Being able to bowl in the comfort of your own shoes is a much more pleasant experience!
Bowling ball tiny hands Hollywood Bowl Basingstoke Review
Inside, the bowling alley is dark and lit up with neon lights, giving a fun, lively atmosphere to the place. Big pink signs spell out "Hollywood" at either end of the alley and bright stars glow above each lane. Despite the dimmed lights of the lanes, the seating areas are well-lit so it's a nice place to chill out on the long padded benches. With a menu at each lane, you can browse through and order drinks or snacks to stay refreshed as you play.
Bowling drinks
Now, having tiny hands and being incredibly weak, I always need to go for the little 8lb ball. I know, I know. It's pathetic. The good news is that there were loads of these balls, and even the smaller 6lb ones, in the machine so I didn't need to do the walk of shame around other families to find them, like I usually do when I go bowling. The bad news is that I haven't been bowling since I started getting my acrylic nails and it turns out to be really, really hard. I was terrified of snapping one off but, thankfully, I left with all ten intact!
Hotdog and fries
After our game (Rich won, of course, but it was pretty close!), we went up to the diner for a spot of lunch. My hotdog was every bit as great as I'd expected and I loved that it was served in a pretzel bun. Rather than getting pudding, I chose to get a milkshake, mainly because it comes in these adorable little milk bottles. Unfortunately, the Oreo milkshake was a bit too milky for my tastes (although I love milkshakes, I despise milk. It makes no sense to me either) so Rich finished it off. The real draw of the diner was the cute 50s-inspired decor, with squishy vinyl booths and chequerboard floor tiles.
Milkshake milk bottle
Before going home, we went through the arcade for a little go on the 10p machine. I just can't resist those little fellas! 
Diner menu Hollywood Bowl
I'll definitely be going back to Hollywood Bowl in the future, especially since it's right next to the ice rink where I still need to book lessons so I can finally use those skates I got for Christmas. A huge thank you to Hollywood Bowl for sorting the visit out.

Hollywood Bowl provided one game of bowling for review but all opinions are my own
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  1. I literally live across the tracks from the bowling alley! I haven't been in since the refurb but will deffo have to check it out <3

  2. Oh I haven't been bowling for ages, I need to go again soon because it's always loads of fun. I love it when the staff are chatty and friendly like yours was too, and she's right, your nails are amazing - love the shade you're wearing these photos! - Tasha


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