Review // Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel

The Olive Branch is a Lush classic but somehow has completely evaded my bathroom until now. When I popped into Lush Oxford Street for a new shower gel, I was convinced by the very lovely sales assistant that I needed this one and she was absolutely right!
Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel Review

As soon as I sniffed it, I recognised the fragrance, although I couldn't for the life of me work out what it was besides having a vague notion that it was "something Christmassy". The sales assistant offered a couple of suggestions but none of them were what I was thinking of. When I got home, after a bit of Googling, I found out what it was and confused the hell out of Rich, casually defrosting the freezer when I suddenly shout "CHRISTMAS PENGUIN!" I was gutted when Christmas Penguin didn't make an appearance for the last festive season so I'm glad there's another product with that gorgeous, uplifting fragrance of mandarin and bergamot. It's quite a subtle scent, rather than the zesty citrus you'd expect from the ingredients, which creates a relaxing mood.


When first poured out of the bottle, The Olive Branch is a much thinner consistency than other shower gels because of the addition of olive oil. When the bottle is sitting, the oil sits in a layer on top of the gel (as oil is wont to do!) so needs to be shaken up before use to mix it all together. The oil is sourced from Sindy Anna- a Fair Trade Israeli/ Palestinian collective which works towards linking Jewish-Arab cooperation so works as a true olive branch between communities. 


Because of the oil, this shower gel leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and conditioned. It's a wonderful benefit since it does everything a shower gel needs to do (erm, cleaning you an' that) but adds that extra element for silky smooth skin. It also works when it's used as a bubble bath, which is how I most often use shower gels, creating a gorgeously nourishing bath. The scent lingers on the skin afterwards too which is always something I love!

I'm really glad I was convinced to buy this shower gel. I think The Olive Branch might be my favourite Lush shower gel yet and I'm delighted that I can still experience the Christmas Penguin loveliness (although admittedly the shower gel is nowhere near as cute!)

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  1. Oh god, I love this stuff. I haven't had a bottle for a while now because whenever I go in, some other new fancy shower gel catches my eye but they're never as good! I need to get into Lush with a focus just to buy this!

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  2. I love that shower gel! The smell is wonderful and I feel like it's a very gender neutral scent too. Good for the whole family! It lathers up really nicely too even with its thinner texture.

    Jamie |

  3. I just watched a Lush haul video that made me want to try this but I didn't realise it smelled like Christmas Penguin! Definitely going to pick one up today now, sounds absolutely amazing!

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  4. Ah I think I buying this for the Christmas feel throughout all of autumn then ;)

    Mel ★


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