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I've been eyeing up this bright yellow shade for a long time but it always scared me. Was yellow going to be too outlandish compared to the nudes and pinks I usually go for? For whatever reason, this time I felt like taking a risk and was possibly buoyed up with the success of my yellow bridesmaid dress, so I went for it and man, I'm glad I did!
OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana Swatch Review
I Just Can't Cope-acabana is a bright sunshine yellow which is perfect for sunny days. However, it's a complete pain to apply. It's ridiculously streaky and uneven so I needed a good few coats to get a smooth, opaque finish. The day after getting my nails done, I wore a new black dress and it happened to rain. When I got home in the evening, I noticed that my nails had turned a horrible murky green which refused to budge. Now, I know this is more the fault of the dye leaving the dress but it's something worth bearing in mind- this shade really shows up any discolouration. (I went back the following day and got them repainted. It was fine but lesson learned!)

Although I was scared to take the plunge, I'm now completely in love with this shade. It gets a lot of compliments from other people (including strangers) and really makes an impact. I'm pretty sure I'll be reaching for it again! 
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  1. I'm not usually a fan of yellow, in any capacity, but over the past few years I've warmed to it! I do like this shade but I've heard so much about it being a pain in the arse to apply that I've stayed away from it

  2. This shade looks amazing on your nails! I would have never had thought this would be an ideal nail shade before!
    Summer xxx

  3. Shame it's so difficult cause it's so beautiful <3

    Coco | The Beauty Milk


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