OOTD // Rainbow Polkadot Dress

Can we talk about how amazing this dress is? It's my new favourite dress by a long shot, what with the bright polkadots and the adorable little pom pom trim. I also get a huge amount of compliments whenever I wear it- including from Rylan. Plus size polkadot dress

Now, this dress is part of the Sprinkle of Glitter collaboration with Simply Be. I am not the biggest fan of the Gleam YouTubers so, if I'm completely honest, that did put me off a little at first, but then I found I couldn't stop thinking about the dress so thought screw it! When I first tried it on and discovered it had pockets, I was over the moon! The slouchy fit did concern me so I sized down and, although it's still a bit baggy for my liking, it does fit well. The waist is very loose which isn't my preference in a dress, although my dislike for belts outweighs my desire for a closer-fitting waistband, and it gets a bit irritating having one shoulder dropping down all the time. I've also found it creases really easily but the design is just so cute that I can put up with all these little niggles.
Dress with pockets
Sprinkle of Glitter polkadot dress
As much as I would prefer to wear the dress with bare legs, this day was a little too cold for that so I donned my trusty Simply Be leggings (4 months on and still no holes or rips which is a huge improvement on the New Look ones I used to favour). I'm a huge fan of teaming leggings with my Missguided ankle boots as I feel like they create a sleeker line down my leg rather than the cut-off legging hem at my ankle which can sometimes look quite jarring, especially when the rest of my outfit is bright.
Plus size leggings
Moschino Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Bag
This combination of bright rainbow colours and black basics gave me the perfect opportunity to use my pride and joy- my Moschino Bubbles bag! I've never wanted anything so much in my life and, as I was shortly leaving teaching, I thought it would be nice to treat myself with my last pay cheque. Yes it was a completely frivolous purchase but I think I deserved it! I absolutely love my Bubbles! She has the cutest little face and the bag itself holds a surprising amount. I still can't believe she's mine!
Simply Be Sprinkle of Glitter plus size dress
This is my new favourite outfit for sure. I'll be wearing it at any given opportunity!

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  1. I love this dress! I'm such a big fan of polka dots

    Emily x |

  2. Stunning dress, cute bag, lovely mani... So bright and light, summerly. As much as I love them so much I hate the lower part (( sorry, delete my comment if you want, I just couldn't pass through this.

  3. The bubbles bag is actual goals oh my word! And that rainbow polka dot dress basically has me drooling. I have such a small budget for clothes at the moment that I'm totally living vicariously through blog posts

    Steph -

  4. This outfit is EVERYTHING gurl! I too was debating whether or not to purchase this dress and now may have to take the plunge because you're obviously my style icon and I must buy what you buy (sorta not kidding?)

    Also, I cannot believe you finally bought the Bubbles bag, I'm SOOOOO jealous! It looks so amazing and your nails complement it perfectly ^_^

    Claire xo

  5. Everything about this outfit is great! Love your Bubbles bag, and the pom poms on the bottom of the dress, super cute xx

  6. That bag is adorable! Though Buttercup was always my favourite....

  7. Oh wow, I love this dress on you Becky - you look great and your bag is adorable too. Love these polkadots and the bright colours. Nice and colourful! - Tasha

  8. YOU LOOK ADORABLE! I love everything about this - the polka dots, the yellow nails, your pink lippie and that amazing Bubbles bag. You babe.


  9. what an adorable bag and the dress is gorgeous...

  10. Can I just point out how friggin' long your hair is?! Where did that all come from? It's lush! This dress is gorgeous, I love the bright polkadots, you babe!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  11. That bag though :O omg it's so cute! I do love the polkadots dress - it wouldn't be my usual choice fit-wise, but it's very tempting...


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