13th April 2012

Yesterday, I headed into London for a nice little visit to the Tate Modern. I am such an art geek. In fact, I very nearly went to art school but the pressure and workload of 2 art A-levels was so great that I changed my mind at the very last moment. It was turning me against art and I didn't want that to happen.

I wore an entirely new outfit. With the exception of the shoes, which I had worn once before, everything else was on its first outing.

Earrings. Vintage.

Top. Vintage.
Skirt. Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Shoes. New Look.

I'm rocking vintage gypsy chic. I really love these earrings. They're vintage 80s deadstock. I actually have a post lined up that features them a bit more heavily so I won't go on about them now.

Of course, I was chuffed to bits at being able to wear my skirt. I love it so much. The pleats are just sensational and the fabric feels wonderful. It has such a great weight to it.

Now, if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, why not? @Beckybedbug. Hit me up!), you will know I'm a little obsessed. I pretty much documented my entire day. Here are my favourites.

What I wore.

Travelling on the train. Choo choo!

1. White Field by Gunther Uecker
2. Blue Purple Tilt by Jenny Holzer
3. Untitled (Living Sculpture) by Marisa Merz

Blue Purple Tilt was my absolute favourite piece of the day. These strips have rolling messages on. I sat there for about 50 minutes just watching it. It was so hypnotic and I had no idea how long I was in there for until I looked at my phone as I left. I was trying to watch the whole thing but I didn't know how long it was going to last. The messages were so relevant to me, past and present. I just fell in love.

I love this middle photo. The sun was blinding. I couldn't see what I was taking a photo of so I just pointed, clicked and wished for the best. Then when I got into the dimmer light of the station, I saw that I had perfectly framed this couple hand-in-hand. The way they are silhouetted with the shadows on the ground behind them like that is beautiful. I lucked out!

Is it just me or do these artists' dummies look a little macabre? They look like they've been frozen in some sort of eerie ritualistic dance.


  1. The skirt is very cute and the "blind" photo is beautiful! <3

  2. You look adorable!! that vintage top with your new Marc Jacobs skirt is just perfect. It has such a boho vibe that becomes more modern because of the structure of the skirt. Totally jealous of you for that skirt, btw-- those birds are making my day!

    I also totally understand-- and share!-- your art-obsession. I also *very* nearly went to art school, too! I didn't expect to get into any of the grad schools I applied to (which wasn't very many), so I had an art school app all completed and almost ready to mail. I at first kind of regretted not going, but now I realize that you don't need art school to do art, or to sell it. :) You should keep at it! I'd love to see your art.

  3. Cute look. And yay London! Did you see the Damien Hirst exhibition? (ah, he's at the Tate) xx

  4. You look lovely, glad you had a good time in London. PS. Is it really that warm there???


  5. So so cute!! Perfect for a 4th of July party here! :) All you need is a sparkler in your hand! :)

    Love the photos! :) One day I WILL visit London!!!!

    xo Jenny

  6. Completely jealous of your visit to the Tate Mod (you know my feelings about this place)!! Jenny Holzer is a fav of mine...she is amazingly clever. Have you heard of Barbara Kruger? You might like her, she is in a similar vein to Holzer. Art school was amazing for me, but more for the experiences and the brilliant creative people I met rather than what I learned there, but you can be an art nerd without an art degree!
    P.s you should only wear skirts like that, they suit you sooo well

  7. Ohh you´re using the MJ skirts!!! Looks adorable!
    I´ll bet you would have done great on art school! Is never too late!

  8. Omg, those birds on skirt, omg awesome!!

  9. you have a really cool style, love it.

  10. wooow you look amazing!

  11. Looove the skirt!(:

  12. This is such a fun post! That skirt is fabulous. And I'm following you on Instagram now :) You have great photos! (Mine could be better, haha..)

    Cup of Tea

  13. Very cute dress!


  14. Hiya! Found you on my group via IFB!

    Love your layout and header, and your outfit posts are so cute!

    Love the Tate Modern too : D

    If you have time, please check out my blog too, and follow if you like it : ). I follow back!


  15. that skirt is so beautiful ! especially little birds :)

  16. wow, that skirt is amazing. you are so cute! xx

  17. Wow! You are absolutely gorgeous! The outfit looks amazing on you, and you seem like a natural in front of the camera. :)

    xo, Samantha

  18. You look stunning! I think vintage-gypsy is the perfect way to describe your look. :)

  19. Your photo quality is so good! Glad you had a nice time in London because your outfit is really pretty! Very vintage, very quirky. Quite vintage sailor if I do say so. And like someone else commented above vintage-gypsy too! Red and blue together always looks stylish!

    Gemma x

  20. cool outfit, love it! pinup girl style! <3


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