Treasures pt II: Vintage goodies!

My trip to Brighton last week was eventful. And by eventful, I mean expensive. So many lovely vintage goodies! I could barely cart them all home but I managed. I know, I know, my bravery is immense!

I picked up this lovely from my favourite shop in the world: Snooper's Paradise. I usually like to keep my secrets, well, secret but this place is seriously massive. Nobody could ever go in there and buy out all the best stuff. It's just not possible with the volume of stuff in there.

It's essentially a huge shop made up of loads of little independently owned areas. Like a massive, physical vintage section of Etsy. It's just filled to the brim with amazing vintage knick knacks. I always manage to find something amazing in there- From 1960s Ladybird books to the 1950s typewriter that my best friend bought for my 22nd birthday (then she had to drive me home because it was too heavy to carry on the train. We didn't know the way to mine from Brighton but she knew the way to Winchester and I knew the way to mine from there. It took us 3 hours to get back instead of the usual 90 minutes).

This lot is all from Beyond Retro. I love Beyind Retro and, of the 3 UK stores I've visited (Dalston is the one I still need to check out), Brighton has to be my favourite. The shop has a gigantic sky light of a ceiling so it's nowhere near as claustrophobic as the other two. The rails are more spaciously arranged than the London branches and are more clearly labelled. The staff are always really lovely too.

Then I discovered a cute little boutique called Velvet. I picked up these little bits for my house but I could have bought a whole lot more!

Then, to round off the post, here are some things I've got in the past week that aren't vintage or from Brighton: Some pink Asos sunglasses and MAC cremeblend blush in Something Special.


  1. Cute :) Love the glasses and the basket xx

  2. cool selections!

  3. I love picnic baskets!! :))

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  4. I want your sunnies so bad!
    And that floral dress is too cute!

    Thank y for sharing us your shopping secret!

  5. Ohhh cute,some nice things you have here! Lovely blog!

  6. I'm loving your vintage haul, you got so much good things! I really like the sunglasses and I'm jealous of the mac make up! x

  7. Great haul!!


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