Treasures: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses... and others

Ok, I have a problem. I am absolutely obsessed with sunglasses. You see, I was prescribed my first pair of glasses aged 8. Since then, I have worn glasses every single day of my life until October, when I finally bit the bullet and got fitted for contacts. Having never been able to wear sunglasses, and always being insanely jealous of all my friends with their lovely shady eyewear, I have gone a little bit overboard. This year, for the first time in 15 years, I have been able to wear sunglasses.

I've bought another two pairs this week. First, these purple Marc by Marc Jacobs beauties:

Secondly, these adorable little Moschino shades. They haven't turned up on my doormat yet so this stock image will have to do.

Aren't they cute? They're so much fun and I can't wait until they arrive! They just have Becky written all over them.

They are both going to join my growing collection. I'm currently on 14, although that will go up to 17 come payday... seriously! Here's the rest, the cheaper part, of my collection (bar 4 cheapy pairs that I lost in the move. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere. It's just a matter of finding them!).

The white Prada-esque pair at the top are from Ebay. The pink Prada-esque pair in the bottom left are from Asos. All others are Primark's finest!

Then, of course, there's my favourite Vogue pair that we've seen a billion times before:

Come summer- when the sun might finally make an appearance- I'll have a pair to go with any outfit. Bring it on!


  1. I love the Marc Jacobs ones, and the pink bottoms left ones are amazing! I bet they really suit you x

  2. wow, you have a really good collection!


  3. Great collection!! I am loving the Marc Jacobs pair!!!

  4. wow fantastic eyewear!



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