Treasures Pt I: Marc by Marc Jacobs Flavin Skirt

Ok, so this is pretty much the most exciting thing that I have ever done. Ever.

I was very, very naughty and bought something that was more expensive than anything I have ever bought before. Pretend you haven't read the title of this post and let's guess what it is!

It's something that has been delivered by courier in a big cardboard box. Ooh, and look! When you open it, there is a layer of black tissue on top. What is underneath this tissue?

A matte black box with a black and white ribbon. Wait, there's something written on this box. What does it say?

Does that say I think it does! As does the ribbon, for that matter! But what could be inside? Let's turn on the flash, because the natural daylight is rapidly deteriorating and my hands are shaking too much for a slow exposure, and find out!

A drawstring bag! How cute and unexpected too! What could be hidden inside it?

A tape measure! It comes with a little note thanking me for my first order and explaining that they have included this little free gift so I can measure myself in order to buy more pretty things. Oh, net-a-porter, you tease!

Time to lift this next layer of tissue paper and take a glimpse at the blue and red thing peeking out from below.

Well, this is certainly pretty. Look, it's in my favourite colours. It's striped. It's nautical. Looks pretty perfect if you ask me. Could this get any better?

Yes, actually, yes it could. It is Marc by Marc Jacobs and it is in my size. Let's take a proper look at it.

Eek! It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Flavin skirt! What a lovely surprise! (Although, not actually a surprise, seeing as I spent a quarter of this month's wages buying it last week).

Look at the little birds. Aren't they so adorable!

I'm so happy with this. It's the first designer item I have ever bought. I've lusted after it ever since I saw this page in Elle magazine. Now I can actually wear it with my Versace for H&M blouse just like that. I am super duper excited about it!

No photos of me wearing it yet because I have the perfect opportunity to do so on Friday. I can't tell you why yet though. Let me just say that it is something very exciting!


  1. I was so excited reading this post, bit by bit. The skirt is gorgeous and I didn't know they were so nice at Net-A-Porter! I love it :)

    xo Joana

  2. Such a gorgeous skirt! it's looks just as great in person as it does editorial. I have been eyeing that skirt for a while now, but I can't save up enough to order.

    Also, I love the room where you took the photos, it's lovely!

  3. I got completely excited with you as I read this post xD The little birds on the bottom of the skirt finished me off. Enjoy wearing it!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  4. You lucky thing! its gorgeous! and I WANT that tape measure - seriously cool!

  5. those little birds are what makes the skirt JUST PERFECT!!!!

  6. I love this post! Just the fact that you bought something from net-a-porter was enough for me to know that you spent an arm & a leg on it! But I love the skirt! >_< One day I'll give up a limb for an article of clothing from net-a-porter. They wrap things up like every order is a Christmas present!

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  7. So cute!! Love getting a box like that! We are having a giveaway on our blog!! Check it out and enter to win!

    xx Julie xx

  8. The Marc Jacob's skirt is adorable.
    Kiss from France,

  9. It's lovely! I think you can buy something expensive once in a while :)

  10. It's beautiful! Sure you will look fabulous in it :) xx

  11. Oh I love Marc by Marc Jacobs! A bought one of his watches as a treat to myself last Christmas. Enjoy wearing it!

    The Dreamer x

  12. just wow what a chance to have a marc jacob skirt!!!!!
    best to you

  13. SO beautiful. love the birds on it-so cute.

    xx ketty xx

  14. wow!!! that skirt is amazing!!

  15. The first time is always the most amazing :) I can't wait to see photos!

  16. It's soooooo pretty! I spent a whole lot of money on clothes last week but it's fine *hums to ignore feeling of debt*. :D

  17. SOOO impressed with this! It is a lovely skirt...and your first designer piece is always a moment to treasure! x


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