101 in 1001 XXVI

There is just over a month until my 1001 days end and my new 101 goals start- 38 days exactly! I've already compiled my new list and it's really interesting to see how my goals have changed since I first wrote this list over 2.5 years ago. As an example, my new one will have a lot fewer shopping-based goals and much more travel ones. I'm growing up!

#1 Get an Ofsted outstanding grade

Do you know what's frustrating? Ofsted came to visit this month and I got really positive feedback with no downfalls at all. However, with the new rules, they're no longer allowed to grade us. So frustrating! Shall we just pretend it was outstanding? It was at least a good so we can tick this off, right? (Surprisingly enough, the photo above is not from my Ofsted lesson! I don't recommend trying anything with risk involved when the inspectors are in town!)

#29 Visit Bath for a day trip

Helen and I went to Bath for scones, shopping and Starbucks.

#31 Visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour

Yes, again. This goal is well and truly met!

#57 See the exhibitions on my list

After a long time between art exhibitions, I went to see Grayson Perry's Who Are You? at the National Portrait Gallery.

#96 Read 75 books (102/ 75)

I'll be upping my new goal to 125, I think. This month I've read another 8 books- eight!-, taking my 2015 total pages to 4533. Not too shabby!


  1. oh wow you read a lot =) that's very impressive

  2. Loved reading about your goals :) It kind of makes me want to write down some of my own. Great post ;)

  3. 8 books in one month! thats great! :)


  4. After many years, I've become a cynic. Outstanding can only be achieved following an outstanding trail of data - that includes the data before you, something you can't control. Be happy with the positive comments, take from that you're doing a great job and worry less! xx


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