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As I mentioned in my most recent Lush post- a review on R&B Hair Moisturiser- I'm really amping up the effort I take in keeping my hair healthy. In doing so, I've shunned my old John Frieda Frizz Ease and instead looked to Lush for shampoos and conditioners to use. There are so many to try but I've started with Big Shampoo and Veganese Conditioner as they were part of a gift set I bought in the Christmas sales. 
Lush Veganese Big Review

Big Sea Salt Shampoo
Lush Big Sea Salt ShampooSea salt is my jam right now so I was really excited to try this shampoo. It's essentially a tub full of wet salt but, let me tell you, it feels incredible! The scent is so fresh that it's like standing in the sea breeze with notes of lemon, lime and mandarin as well as sea weed. Somehow it lathers, despite being about 80% salt, and the grains feel great on the scalp too- a shampoo and a scalp exfoliator in one! Once it has all been rinsed out, my hair feels incredibly clean and smells absolutely amazing for hours. 

Veganese Conditioner
Lush Veganese Conditioner ReviewI'm such a fan of this conditioner that I gave Leona a bottle for her birthday. First of all, the fragrance is to die for! It's a sharp lemon scent but also has hints lavender and rosemary for floral complements. The lemom juice makes up a huge part of the conditioner, which is designed to leave your hair super shiny. It also contains agar seaweed which goes beautifully with Big shampoo. Although it's a light conditioner, I find a little goes a very long way which is fantastic with my long, thick hair. This light formula also makes it much easier to rinse out than some heavier conditioners. Not only that, but I've definitely noticed my hair is much easier to tame and a lot less frizzy since using Veganese. I love it! Now that I've ventured into the world of Lush haircare, I'm excited to try some new products. I've got Curly Wurly in my sights for when Big runs out!


  1. I was just telling my boyfriend yesterday that i'm planning on switching over to Lush shampoo and conditioner! I was wanting to try the veganese conditioner for a while now and since reading this I am definitely going to give it a try! Thanks for the review :)


  2. I've also just made the switch to a LUSH Shampoo, and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner! I'm waiting for my conditioner to run out and then I am replacing that too! My hair is so much shinier and healthy looking since switching just my shampoo!

  3. I've had my eyes on Big for awhile but wasn't sure if it would lather. Glad to hear that's not the case! Great review:)


  4. I have such a sensitive scalp so I don't think a grainy shampoo would work for me unfortunately. However I love the sound of Veganese - I may have to give it a whirl! xx

  5. I remember trying a sea salt shampoo from Lush years ago, and I loved it. I'd like to try out the Veganese conditioner too, the scent sounds lovely! I'm really bad at portioning out my conditioner though, and end up piling it on - I'd use half the bottle after a week!

  6. I found most Lush conditioners weren't moisturising enough for my coloured hair but they do all smell amazing! I'd like to try Big when I want a really good clean and exfoliate, it sounds really good from your review. Have you tried American Cream? That and H'Sua Wen Hua (guesstimated spelling) are my favourites as they're really lovely and conditioning... do recommend!xx

  7. I'm a big fan of Big (no pun intended!) but I didn't realise you could get it in a small pot like that. I wanted to buy a new pot recently but really didn't want to spend the £12 odd the big pot costs now x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  8. I used to love using Lush's shampoos and conditioners but at some point I just stopped, I think I'll definitely have to pop in there and buy one of the Veganese conditioners thoug, I'm willing to try any product that will tame my lions mane! I feel like the scent would wake me up a little in the morning as well which is always a bonus.

  9. Blousey and Retread are my favourites! But you've definitely made me want to try out Big now. x
    Emily -

  10. I really need to start trying LUSH Products I'm missing out!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex


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