Giveaway: Ideal Home Show Tickets

I don't know about you but I am blooming obsessed with homes and architecture. When I was 10, I wanted to be an interior designer, something I intended to do right until I started applying for uni and realised art school would destroy me. My childhood hero, I kid you not, was Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen (a fact I referenced here). Changing Rooms was my jam and I loved how he always broke the rules and always created something crazy that the owners absolutely hated. And you'll never guess what! Next week, thanks to British Gas, I am going to... give me a second to regain my composure... be at the Ideal Home Show in London seeing Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen speak. (Yes, I am totally wearing that frilly dress!)

As if that wasn't enough, my favourite TV architect and winner of Becky's Loveliest Voice on TV Award (I may have made that award up), George Clarke, is going to be at the Ideal Home Show the very same day. Seriously, guys, I'm crazy excited! 

Since I'm doing up my living room and all, I'm looking forward to a day of inspiration, not only for my home but also with the fashion and beauty areas and, of course, being in the presence of my childhood hero!

Anyway, all this babbling is for a very good reason because you could win 2 tickets to the Ideal Home Show yourself. The tickets are valid throughout the whole exhibition (until the 6th April) so you can go whenever is best for you! To enter, just use the form below and I will contact the winner on Friday morning! Good luck! 


  1. I'm not entering the giveaway because I wouldn't be able to go but I'm so glad someone shares my love for Changing Rooms! It was my favourite programme as a child which most other people think is quite sad, so I'm glad somebody finally understands. Hope you have fun at the Ideal Home Show lovely!

    Katrina xx

  2. I want to come and live in this corner of your house, it just makes me so incredibly happy. I would love to go to the home exhibition but i'm not around for those days, hope the tickets find a great home! x

  3. Where is the ideal home show? I want to enter but I've got a feeling it's somewhere down south..

  4. haha, I'm sure Mr Llewelyn-Bowen got it right on some occasions on Changing Rooms but only the really awful ones come to mind! Cool giveaway.


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