Review: Lush King of Skin Body Butter

I've never really been a fan of body products. Other than your shower gels and whatnot, I've not paid the skin on my body much attention. I probably never would have done if I hadn't ended up with King of Skin in a Christmas gift set that I bought in the Lush sale.
King of Skin is a solid body butter bar that is flat on one side and has nodules on the other, allowing you to grip hold of it securely even when in the shower. At first I found it quite difficult to use as it doesn't glide over the skin easily and instead drags as it's applied. However, I have found that with use, it has worn down into a more rounded shape that makes application much easier.

As it's applied, the warming scent of oatmilk and cocoa butter absorbs into my skin and smells good enough to eat! At this point, it leaves a strange oilcloth-like feeling and it's difficult to rinse off as it makes skin completely waterproof, resulting in an odd effect of water drops sitting on the surface rather than absorbing. Despite this, once my skin has been towel-dried, it is left baby soft and super smooth. 

King of Skin is such a rich, nourishing product that moisturises my skin perfectly. It also lasts ages- I've used it upwards of ten times now and there's still plenty left. When it does eventually run out, I'll definitely be repurchasing! 


  1. Oooh this sounds like a really interesting product! The scent sounds delicious and I'm always on the hunt for new moisturising products thanks to my eternally dry skin so this is definitely one for my constantly growing Lush shopping list xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. Ahh I need a serious re-stock of LUSH stuff! Nice post x

  3. This sounds so interesting. Since it makes your skin feel waterproof, do you reckon it would be really bad for crazy dry skin? My legs are so dry they're all flaky and alligator-y, but this sounds really quick and easy. And that's right up my alley.

    I've been jumping on any Lush review I see the last few weeks, I don't have one near me and I don't want to order online until I know what I'm getting.... But I'm going somewhere with a Lush in a few weeks. I did not pick the location to go shopping there I swear! Now, all I need is a bath to borrow!

    1. I think it might actually be really good for your skin. When you get to the store, ask the people in there. I know they need to make a sale but they are really knowledgeable about their products (I think they only employ people who are obsessed with the brand) so they'll be able to recommend the best product for your skin.

      Go wild in the store!


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