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March already! Hooray! Spring is on its way with warm weather, sunny mornings and longer days within grasp. Oh, and chocolate. And the Easter holidays, which are early this year. I think March is going to be a pretty good month, so let's make it even better with an awesome sponsorship!

All my sponsors can expect three emails during the course of their sponsorship: One at the beginning, one halfway through and one at the end. These emails are an opportunity to check in with you, see how things are going and whether you want any advice. I really want my sponsorships to be based on mutual dialogue rather than just sticking your button in my sidebar.

Here's what you get:
- An advert in my sidebar for 30 daysA shoutout on Twitter- With some options, you'll also get a mention in a sponsor post.

Let's take a peek at the stats:
  • 1800+ on Bloglovin'
  • 1300+ on GFC
  • 5400+ on Twitter
  • 14000+ visitors a month
If advertising's not your thing, there are other ways you can get involved, such as sponsored posts and PR reviews. For all the information, take a look at my sponsorship page here or contact me.

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