Therapy Diaries // CBT Session 8

Good news! It wasn't my last session! I still haven't asked when that will actually be but, since she hasn't mentioned it, I assume it's just until further notice. What a relief! 
The Forms
I'd had a really bad week, with a few days off work so, predictably, my scores were very high. My therapist then said something really interesting that had only occurred to her after I'd left last week: A perfectionist is likely to wait for a "perfect" day before giving it a low score which makes perfect sense. Instead, we've agreed to adapt the forms in terms of how extreme the feelings have been. 0 would be very slight worry whereas 3 would be very extreme. This way it's going to be a lot easier to see how I'm making progress week on week.

First of all, we looked at my homework from last week. I'd somehow managed to call Marie and it all went fine, of course. We drew a graph to show my anxiety levels before, during and after the call. Then my therapist explained that as I repeat the process, the habituation will bring my anxiety levels down as I get used to it.
We then looked at the problems I'd had during the week to write a thought record but this was harder than usual as I didn't have any active thoughts of worry. I was just aware of this sudden wave of anxiety that felt like it was punching me in the stomach. Looking at the model of perfection we'd created last week, we identified how my anxiety was causing avoidance since I was unable to work.

My homework is simple this week: Just carry on with what I'm doing! We're trying to get the habituation process in place so I'll be trying out another phone call. Oh, and I went to work yesterday and nothing bad happened, so there's that too!

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  1. Aww it's good that it wasn't your last session =) But it might be a good idea to find out when that it so you can prepare yourself instead of getting there and finding out it's your last.

  2. Well done! Keep up with the phone calls and eventually you'll get phone-confident. Fake it til you make it is what I always say :)

  3. I have to say that I've found this series of posts really interesting and helpful from a more unexpected angle. My partner has recently been attended CBT therapy and whilst he's touched on what has been done in the sessions he hasn't wanted to discuss them a whole lot. Whilst obviously everyone has their own different and individual things to work on, your posts have given me a great insight into what these sessions do and how they help.
    I'm glad that your sessions aren't over yet, and I'm glad that you're happy about that too! Lots of people would give up easily (especially after how you were left feeling judged and stressed after your first session) - keep up the good work!

    Katie || K NEL xx

  4. Well done on the phone call! I've relapsed into depression again but I know what to do this time so I already have a dr's appt booked to nip it quick! xo
    amber love


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