Can Fat People Wear Biker Jackets?

Can fat people wear pastel pink furry biker jackets, no less!
Can fat people wear...? is a series that roadtests current trends on a fat body. Of course, the moral of the story is "wear whatever you want", but I'll be sharing how I felt, how I looked and the reactions I received as a chubby girl in the latest trends. Fat is used here as a tongue-in-cheek, yet factual, adjective, rather than a derogatory term and always, always remember "If you like it, wear it". 

Pastel pink biker jacket- Dorothy Perkins (now out of stock)

I adore this colour and tend to think it looks quite good on me. The furry collar, when zipped up, gave my neck and jaw a more elegant appearance. However, because I have an insanely short torso, there was too much fabric around my waist and back and, since it's a heavy fabric, it stuck out like a cupcake. When I unzipped the jacket, this wasn't an issue, but it did end up disguising my waist and making me look a bit shapeless. The arms were also too long for my teeny tiny T-rex limbs!

I felt like a badass princess or a rebel Barbie. A good girl who's fed up with rules and wants to live a little! Although I felt a little uncomfortable at the amount of extra fabric puffing up the back, Badass Barbie wouldn't care about that so neither did I! Now I want to pair this with my leather leggings. Too much?
Erm, I had no reaction but, then again, I didn't really have many opportunities to garner reactions. Although I went to the shops, I didn't buy anything so there was nobody to make small talk with. It's almost like people didn't care what I was wearing. Who would have thought?

Wardrobe for sure! I blooming love it and I cannot wait to wear it more now the weather's warming up a little and leaving winter coat season! 


Do you have any ideas for trends I can take on next? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Well paired with the grey! x

  2. LOVE this jacket on you! It's a beautiful jacket and you are seriously rocking it!! I'm a shortie and I found the arms on my DP leather jacket too long so I just folded them over a few times! x

  3. I think this looks lovely on you! :) Xx

  4. The jacket is actually so cute!! I'm looking forward to reading more of these and hearing that people don't say ANYTHING about what you wear. It really does show progress. xx

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love your jacket :D

  6. It looks great! And because you can't see your arms it looks like you're just wearing it over your shoulders like fashion bloggers at Fashion Week! :)

  7. The jacket looks great and is a lovely more spring suitable alternative to a traditional black jacket. I always get the problem with the arms being too long as well, It's a little annoying but whatever. xx

  8. This looks fabulous! Love the colour and the furry collar!

  9. You look fab, definitely badass barbie!

  10. I'm glad you're doing these posts. Kind of inspired me to get back to wearing some things that have been hidden away in my closet for too long. Oh, and you look amazing ;) Badass Barbie all the way!


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