Sponsor Shoutout: Jasmin Charlotte

This month, I'm very lucky to be sponsored by the gorgeous Jasmin Charlotte, who you may have noticed is quite active in the Twitter chats. I love how you see the same faces each time and Jasmin's is one I've come to recognise well, so I'm very happy to have her blog in my sidebar this month. If you're not already familiar with Jasmin's lifestyle blog, allow me to give three reasons why you should check her out:

Four words: DIY. Lavender. Bath. Bombs
Oh yes! Jasmin has recently made DIY lavender bath bombs and made it look super easy! Although she was sent a kit for review, Jasmin has very thoughtfully included a list of the ingredients and step-by-step instructions so you can make them yourself without the need for a kit (or, if you're lazy like me, she's included a link to buy it). I am absolutely going to have a go at this. I suggest you all take a look, make your own bath bombs and let us both know how you got on!

She loves a bit of travel
More and more, I'm becoming drawn to travel blogs are my wanderlust slowly becomes all-encompassing. In 2014, Jasmin travelled all over the place, from Cambridge and Anglesey to Paris and Prague. I'm very jealous of all her adventures!

She's a smart cookie
As well as posting your standard beauty reviews, Jasmin also has a series called Beauty & Science, in which she discusses the meanings behind those strange ingredients like parabens, collagen and keratin. I found her parabens post particularly useful as I've heard a lot about this issue but wasn't sure what it was exactly all about. Now I feel a little more informed!

Go and check Jasmin Charlotte out right now (don't forget to make those bath bombs!). You can also find her on Twitter, where she's a great person to talk to since she's so active (and we already know all the best people are active on Twitter!) 

If you would like a post like this about your blog, check out my sponsorship page for all the details. 

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  1. Ooh wow! Definitely checking out her beauty and science posts. That's such an interesting topic. Thanks for the share!
    Victoria xx


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