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Back in 2009, I got bored of my tailbone-length hair and had it all chopped off to my earlobes. I kept this style up for a while and, when I started Becky Bedbug, I still had my short, curly bob. From February 2012, I started growing my hair. It wasn't an active choice. I just never got round to having it cut and, by the summer, I was so attached to my beehive that I decided to keep it longer for just a little while. Three years later, and it's almost as long as it was when I originally had it cut. 

I put my hair growth down to my infrequent use of heat, minimal washing and diet. Although I feel much happier with my hair straight, I actually only straighten it once a month or so since I'm so worried about damaging it. Once it's straight, it pretty much stays that way until it gets wet and minimal washing has really helped tame my dry, frizzy hair. I wash it once every one to two weeks which I know sounds awful but it actually really helps! All the natural oils of my hair stop it drying out and makes it a lot easier to maintain. When I don't have time (or the energy- it takes over an hour!) to straighten my hair after washing, I just stick it all back into a bun and let it dry naturally.
I also recently found out that there are certain foods that can really help your hair growth and it turns out I eat a lot of these on a regular basis. Salmon, which is one of my favourite foods, is amazing for hair as it's packed full of protein, vitamin B and iron. The fatty acids found in salmon also keeps your scalp healthy which leads to shiny, glossy hair. Green vegetables such as cabbage also contain iron as well as calcium and vitamins A and C, which is used to produce sebum, the substance that natually conditions your hair. Another great source of vitamin A is carrots so, as you can see, the meal above- a typical meal in our household- is pretty much a perfect hair-boosting combination!

Of course these aren't the only ways to support hair growth. Regular trims (something I'm awful at remembering!) keep split ends at bay and using hair growth supplements such as those at NiceHair promote hair growth and healthy follicles. 

Let's share some ideas: How do you keep your hair healthy and encourage hair growth?

This post was written in collaboration with NiceHair. 


  1. I'm forever trying to find foods/vitamins to help my roots as my hair is falling out ever so easilly now it's getting long
    Love Vicki <3

  2. considering you don't wash your hair for one/two weeks it looks fabulous, my hair is different to yours; it gets greasy really quickly and i'd probably look like i'd been dug up if I left mine any longer than 2 days! the amount your hair has grown is insane and really makes me want to stop with the heat; I could easily stop with heat styling if I didn't have to go out in public haha but after my nan once told me i looked like i'd been dragged through a hedge backwards with my naturally curly/wavy hair I decided that straighteners are my friend haha

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. I love reading hair growth stories as I'm trying to get my hair down to my hips eventually! I eat a lot of salmon and carrots too which is great to hear :D xx

  4. What a difference a couple of years makes! You're so lucky you don't have to wash it too often; mine looks really greasy and is absolutely impossible to do anything with after just one day. Even with dry shampoos and things, mine just doesn't sit well if it's not washed/groomed most days.

  5. People WAY over-wash their hair, it's crazy! Mine has started growing like weeds since I started only washing it abot once a week. All throughout elementary and high school, I literally washed it every day. I thought you were supposed to!!! I love eating broccoli, carrots, and hummus which are all great for your hair's health :) And I take Biotin in the morning, too. I want my hair to be long and strong!
    ~ Samantha

  6. Just to check, trimming your hair doesn't actually make it grow longer you know? Hair is dead, trimming it makes it look neater but won't make it grow any faster! I don't know where this myth came from or why people believe it :/ I wrote a hair care tips post a couple of years ago - one was don't tie your hair up while it's still wet and don't wrap it up in a towel on top of your head because this breaks the hair near your scalp. I've always been lucky and had great healthy hair, mega long too. The length just comes from never getting it cut (I really can't afford to haha) and I guess it's healthy cos I don't overwash, and like you I don't use heat on my hair. I use my hairdryer when I have to but apart from that I never do. I don't even use any products apart from shampoo and conditioner every other day! :) with hair I always think less is more, it can take care of itself pretty well :) xo

    1. Haha I know but it stops split ends travelling up the hair and making it all nasty! Thanks for adding your tips!


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