Kat's post on PRs' experiences of working with bloggers is such an informative read!

Carrie experienced a husky ride in Finland and I'm so jealous!

Other Favourites
Fat Zoella and Fat Alfie are hilarious! It's a shame so many people don't seem to understand satire.
Megan is in the top 25 for Curvy Kate's Star in a Bra competition. Go vote for her! 


  1. feel so honoured being featured in these posts!!!!!!! thank you xxxx

  2. Oh wow Fat Zoella and Fat Alfie are hilarious!! I wanna see what vid alfie says he likes them in! I can't believe the abuse they are getting in the comments, such rudeness! They are handling it well though good to see them replying to every single comment :) the PR tips was a good read, maybe not so much helpful for me as I don't really reach out to PRs or have any PR relationships but reading the horror stories is always interesting! I didn't know bloggers sent "shopping list" emails I just can't imagine someone doing that!! xo
    amber love


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