Review // Diptyque Feuille de Lavande Candle

I blooming love candles but Diptyque was always a dream for me. No matter how much I adore home fragrance, I could not justify spending £40 on something that will burn away. That's just burning money, surely? So when I was given some John Lewis vouchers I knew straight away that I would be splashing out on a Diptyque candle. It didn't take me long to settle on Feuille de Lavande. I'm a huge fan of lavender scents so I figured I couldn't go wrong. 

First of all, a word of warning: The fragrance is pretty potent. I was completely taken by surprise at just how strong it was and actually ended up feeling nauseous. Whether that was a coincidence or because of the scent, I don't know, but I felt much better the second time, once I'd braced myself. Of course, this is a huge positive! For what is essentially a ridiculously expensive cup of wax, I expect it to have a great throw. It really does and fills the ground floor of my house with a sensuous lavender fragrance.

The scent itself is a herbal lavender. The major note is definitely the floral but there's also a herbal, almost woody note that creates a much more luxurious scent than plain old lavender. This might be a bit of a vague thing to say but it smells expensive. Of course it looks great too with the sophisticated glass.
In terms of longevity, I've currently been burning it around 16 hours and it's roughly halfway down exactly. Although the glass looks quite small, especially when compared to the likes of Yankee Candles, the burn time and strength of the fragrance is quite remarkable. The only problem I've had is that the wick in my candle isn't exactly centred, meaning it burns unevenly. Once the whole surface has melted, it's not a problem as it sets evenly but it does take a good few hours of burning until it's melted evenly.

At the moment, halfway through the candle as I mentioned above, there has only been a tiny bit of smokiness in the flame (which was my own fault as I forgot to trim the wick) and the glass has remained completely clear while burning, without any sootiness.

Yes, £40 is a lot to spend on a candle but, my word, it's a luxury experience. The question now is whether I can justify spending my own money on a second one. 


  1. Splashing £40 on a candle, so brave! x

  2. What a fine candle! Though I'd be cautious while paying this much but if it's worth it, then no regret at all/

  3. I'm sure it smells great but fuck spending that much on a candle! X

  4. Holy hell, that's an expensive candle. I've seen them floating around the place, but knowing they were on the more expensive side of things, never looked to see how much they'd cost. I'm afraid of ever smelling one or I'd be selling an arm or leg to pay for one. They just look so sophisticated though!


  5. Woah an expensive one! Last year I got myself a White company candle which was £20, and I thought was expenisve but I loved it, the quality and fragrance were amazing. I also did a post on a candle I bought just after xmas in the sale. It's an Aquiesse candle in white grapefruit and it is sensational. I'd love more but their large ones are also £40!!!!! I got mine half price. I have realised though that even with candles you get what you pay for, they may cost more but they smell devine and last longer!


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