Review // Lush Valentine's Range 2015

If you ask me, which I know you're not but I'm going to answer anyway, the best time for Lush is the six months between October and April. First the Halloween range, then Christmas (which is clearly the best!), Valentine's, Mothers' Day and Easter. Right now, we're slap-bang in the middle of this peak Lush season and, of course, I've bought more or less the entire Valentine's range!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

As soon as I saw Unicorn Horn on Twitter, I fell in love! To my delight, Leona visited a few days later with a present that smelled deliciously lavender-like. On opening it, out rolled this sparkly, rainbow thing of wonder! I love everything about it- the pearlescent lustre, the pastel swirls, the tiny little stars embedded in, the ability to take selfies with it held up to your forehead... Thankfully, I only fell more in love with it once it had been popped in the bath. The lavender fragrance is so relaxing and it produces a lovely amount of soft, soothing bubbles. I'm hoping against hope that Lush add this to the permanent range! 

Prince Charming Shower Gel

I must stop buying shower gels. I'm much more of a bath person so my shower gels rarely get used (unless I squirt some into the running bath to create bubbles- top tip for you there!) and they just end up accumulating on my bathroom window ledge. However, this lilac gel smells incredible. It has a sweet, fruity scent that definitely smells edible- perhaps a mix of Turkish Delight and gingerbread- although it's actually made with pomegranate and vanilla. Like all Lush shower gels, it lathers well and leaves me feeling squeaky clean! 

Floating Flower Bath Bomb
This larger-than-usual bath bomb has an unbelievably sensual, floral scent. The jasmine is very strong, creating a bit of a sexy bath (as far as baths can be sexy!) with notes of ylang ylang. The fragrance fills the room far more than any other bath bombs I've used and it turns the bath a gloriously pink-violet shade. Perfect for relaxing in a luxury! 

Heart Throb Bubbleroon
The wonder of this bubble bar is that it's actually a heart-shaped bubbleroon, complete with two halves sandwiched together with gold glitter. Apparently Heart Throb has the same fragrance as African Paradise but, having not used the body conditioner, I wouldn't have identified the link. Vanilla scented with the citrus notes and shea butter for a really moisturising bath, leaving my skin silky smooth!

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar

Rich made me a lovely bath using this glittery bubble bar but, after breaking it in half and finding it resulted in a broken heart-shaped crack down the middle, he decided "I don't want any broken hearts in our home" and stuck the whole thing in instead (Cute and also a little bit sickening!). For the record, using the whole bubble bar in one bath creates a lot of bubbles. They were overflowing! However, it did smell absolutely wonderful- a delicious, uplifting citrus with hints of rose. Luckily the glitter didn't transfer on to my skin too much and neither did it cling to the bath once the water had drained. 

Love Locket Bath Bomb
For some reason, and I don't know why, Love Locket has been taken off the Lush site. I doubt it's sold out as it's still a week until Valentine's Day and they usually make enough to last but anyway... Last year, I said I wouldn't buy this bath bomb again and then I saw the Valentine's range and got carried away, as you would expect me to! Unfortunately it arrived a little smashed so be careful if ordering online (although I guess that's not a problem anymore) so I used it all in one bath. Yes, it smells pleasant with a talcy, jasmine fragrance and cute heart-shaped confetti in the inside but it's really not worth the cost. 

The Kiss Lip Gloss

A confession: I thought this was a lip balm. I'm a lip balm horder as I suffer with terribly chapped lips in the winter. Unfortunately, it turns out that it's actually a lip gloss, which is a product I never use. However, it applies really smoothly due to the shea butter, with no stickiness or gloopiness at all, and gives my lips a subtle pink shimmer. Plus, it's got a delicious fruity taste of mandarin!

Of course, I've already bought the Mothers' Day range so look out for that review soon!


  1. The Unicorn Horn literally looks magical!!
    Love Vicki <3

  2. Cannot wait to try that lonely heart bubble bar!

  3. I really want to try the unicorn horn (obviously!) it's adorable! I will definitely be prancing around with it on my forehead as well. No shame. xx

  4. That unicorn horn is hysterical! Will definitely be popping into Lush this week and picking some of these up.

    I'd love if you could give my Monday Blues post a quick gander Becky - or anyone for that matter, if you need a little motivational boost.. happy Monday everyone :-)

    Daisy x /

  5. Is it wrong that I was running around witht he unicorn horn on my head? I wanted to be a Unicorn haha. Can’t wait to see the Mothers Day range.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  6. Love the sound of Unicorn Horn, Prince Charming & Heart Throb!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  7. I am loving this range! Not the unicorn Horn though I don't like the smell of it! (Bad Blogger!!) haha! Xx

  8. LUSH certainly did not disappoint with their Valentines day collection. I fell in love with the unicorn horn, can't get myself to use it!

  9. I'm the same with shower gels - there are more in my shower than I can see the bottom of the shower base.

    John ¦ Shout John

  10. I'm not usually excited about Lush releases but OMG that unicorn horn oh pls! I wish I had a bath at my house now :( xo

  11. I can confirm that you have a shit ton of shower gels lined up along your window ledge. I was so in awe of the amount of Lush products in your bathroom (and living room... and kitchen!) Haha xx


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