Camera Roll // January 2015

I've already mentioned that I didn't really do anything in January, but it could not be more clear from looking through my camera roll. It's pretty much just photos from WhatsApp conversations and nothing else. The only thing that happened was Leona coming to stay so she's in a lot of these. Man, I need to get out more in February! 
Leona and I playing with my lighting (yes, she's on my lap) // My nails match my umbrella

Blogging in Minnie ears // Clubbing, for once, with Marie and Leona

On the train. Choo choo! // My dreams coming true in the Mirror of Erised
Ooh yeah! Gerard Way at Brixton (my spiritual home)


  1. Seems like you've been up to some fun things!

    Sophie x

  2. I can't quite believe how fast Jan has gone! I might try blogging in Minnie Mouse ears looks kinda fun haha! I hope you have a lovely Feb xx

  3. Who says we have to do anything in January... it's for resting!

  4. Whatsapp conversations... Hehehe.
    You still did some great stuff though! I want to go to Harry Potter tour :((((

    Dannie x


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