Meringue Kisses

It seems Valentine's Day is a time for baking which is funny because, although I love baking, I'm not actually very good at it. At all. Remember last year's attempt at a hidden heart cake? Spoiler alert: It was dire! 
When I saw this recipe for meringue kisses in the Metro (similar here) I thought "Perfect! Meringues are meant to be super difficult to make. I'm terrible in the kitchen. What could possibly go wrong?" Actually, to my surprise and no doubt that of everyone reading this, the answer was nothing. Yep, nothing went wrong! They were really easy to make (alarmingly simple, in fact) and they look almost passable. It's a Valetine's miracle!
The ingredients are simple: 2 egg whites, caster sugar, salt, cream of tartar and food colouring. That's it! You pretty much just whisk them all in a bowl until stiff and then squeeze onto a baking tray. Since I am rubbish at any sort of whisking/beating-based activity, I used my new VonShef handmixer (kindly sent to me from Domu) and it worked a treat! Once I'd beaten my mixture to form stiff peaks, I did the ol' turning-bowl-upside-down-above-my-head trick. Rejoice! It worked! My meringue mix stayed put firmly inside the bowl and I escaped without looking like I'd just come off set at Get Your Own Back. 
After squeezing them into little Iced-Gem-shaped dollops (or attempting to, at least), I stuck them in the oven for an hour and left them to cool when done. Simple! Are you proud of me? 


  1. Oh they look good! I've never tried meringue before!

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  2. I'm proud of you!! Haha they look really good, especially as they seem so easy! Well done ;) xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  3. omg, i saw this recipe and thought - nope too difficult for me. I wish I'd torn it out and saved it.

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  4. Those are super adorable! I looked at your hidden heart cake, and seriously, as a bit of a disaster baker myself, it was reassuring to read that there actually *is* another blogger out there who doesn't always get it right in the kitchen (the cake still looked yummy, though)! I'm inspired to share my own kitchen cock-ups now, hehe.

    (Also, Get Your Own Back!? I would have given my right arm to be on that show, they need to bring it back!)

  5. They look awesome- I think you can call yourself a baker now ;)

  6. These look great and because they're so light and fluffy I can trick myself into thinking they're good for me! Haha

    Hannah xx

    Hannah | Granite City Girl

  7. These looks fab, i'm awful at baking!
    Love Vicki |

  8. Oohh, well done! Those are so pretty! ^_^

  9. I also love baking but I feel very uncomfortable doing it, very insecure. I always expect it not to turn out okay or like the pictures in the recipe.

  10. I would have made boob shaped ones!

    They did turn out pretty good.

  11. Ooh these look so good, meringues are totally on my to bake list! :D xxx

  12. Meringues are my weekend plan - I've never made them either!
    Yours turned out SO well!


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