Meeting the Pointless Chaps

Everyone loves Pointless right? I know I definitely do. In fact, I've applied to be on the show. Twice. I didn't hear back either time so maybe I should just take the hint. One of the reasons I want to be on Pointless- aside from wanting to assert my authority as a bloody amazing contestant and winning that coveted Pointless trophy- is because I love Richard Osman more than I love my own husband. True facts. Turns out, I didn't need to be a contestant to meet the love of my life because I only went and bloody did it anyway!
The A-Z of Pointless
A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from Foyles announcing that they were hosting a special event with Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman in their flagship store which would conclude with a book signing. Needless to say, I was all over that! Ami happened to be around when I told Rich about it and explained that she loves the show, so we agreed to buy a couple of tickets and go along together. Woohoo!

We got to the store just after the doors opened, meaning we managed to secure a couple of front row seats. Choosing the two that were near Richard (obviously), Ami noticed that we would also be right next to the signing table, meaning we could just hop up and be at the front of the queue. Sorted!

After waiting a short while, flicking through the book that was included in our ticket and testing our own Pointless skills, I looked towards the door and saw a tall figure behind the glass. I couldn't see the face but it was pretty clear who that lovely, 6ft 7 stature belonged to. I excitedly WhatsApped Rich "I've seen him! He's hiding behind a door! The Os is in eye line!" before the Foyles guy welcomed the pair to the stage. Man, it was exciting!
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman Event
The event started with Alexander and Richard interviewing each other with questions they'd been asked on Twitter, such as "Do you really get on?" and "Are you doing anything special for the 1000th episode?" They told us what they did for the already-filmed 1000th episode and I cannot wait to see it! As for whether they really get on, it was clear throughout the whole event that they really are the best of friends. They obviously really enjoy each other's company and bounced off each other wonderfully with great humour and wit. Like a middle class Ant and Dec.

For me, the funniest thing was hearing them swear. When Richard first dropped the F-bomb, me and Ami were gobsmacked! You get so used to the lovely, genial BBC persona that you don't expect "motherfucker" to slip out of their mouths. Richard especially had a cheeky, slightly dirty sense of humour and bloody hell, I only love him more for it!

After answering a few questions, we played a twist on the game as an audience against Alexander. Richard would ask the question and give one of the answers, for example We gave 100 people 100 seconds to name as many London Underground stations beginning with C as they could. How many said Cockfosters? Alexander would guess the answer and, as an audience, we would say whether we thought it was higher or lower. Like a Pointless- Play Your Cards Right hybrid. They then answered some questions from the audience before it was time for the signing.

Ami and I popped our bags on our chairs, turned to join the queue, and there were already a million people there. As we moved towards the back, people were flooding from the other side of the room so it just got longer and longer with each step. Yeah, we ended up right at the back. Typical!

I was a bit concerned that we wouldn't get seen but the guys were so patient and stayed until everybody had met them. During the wait, we joked around with the four people behind us, forming a little camaraderie between us six losers at the end and that made the wait feel much shorter. We waited and waited and waited and then... I was next in line.

Oh God, I thought I might faint from excitement and nerves. To my complete delight, both Alexander and Richard were absolutely lovely. They showed no signs of being tired and bored after a long day of four separate book signings. In fact, they told me they'd had a great day because they had the chance to "meet lots of very lovely people". What cuties! Rather than just signing my book and moving on, they engaged in conversation. Alexander asked if I'd been along to a filming and, when I told him I've applied, he said "Well that's even better! Come on the show instead!"
Pointless book signing
Look at that eye contact tho

Of the two, Alexander was the more conversational but they were equally warm and friendly, even thanking me for my patience when they were the ones who had stayed an extra 45 minutes to see everybody and insisted on having a proper chat with everyone, regardless of how long it took. I asked if they would mind if I took a photo and they readily agreed, saying that they're always happy to take photos with people. 
Alexander Armstrong Richard Osman Book Signing
Like a babe, Ami took these photos throughout our conversation and then snapped a photo of us all together. Through our smiles, Alexander and I were still chatting as the photos were taken. As I thanked them and moved aside so Ami could take her turn, Richard passed my book back to me. I might possibly have accidentally-on-purpose reached too far and touched his hand. Oops!
Signed Pointless book
It was a wonderful evening. The guys were exactly as they seem on TV- funny, witty and giving an impression of genuinely nice to everyone they meet. After the event, I tweeted both of them to say thanks. Richard has yet to slide into my DMs and ask me to marry him but it's still early days. Give it time...

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  1. This is AMAZING. I actually LOVE these guys, and Pointless.
    I used to watch it so much, but the boyfriend doesn't like it, so I can't watch it much anymore.
    I always thought these two would be so lovely in person!
    Yaaay for you!!
    Sarah xxx

  2. Awww, I love it when meet-usps go well like these, there's nothing nicer than meeting your favourites and them being as nice as you imagined them being in real life. I hope you manage to get on the show one day too! I love challenging myself to try and get as many questions as I can right, so I love Pointless. - Tasha

  3. Awww what a fun read!!! And you're lucky to have met them. Both hubby and I love Pointless too and we watch it everyday. We record it so we can watch it and take part every day while we eat our dinner <3 <3 xx

  4. This is BRILLIANT.

    Sophie x

  5. How amazing is this?! I absolutely love Pointless and Osman is fantastic!

  6. super jealous, I expect a proposal by the end of summer.

  7. The jealousy is real. My boyfriend keeps telling me we should apply for the show but I don't have the balls!


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