Review // Lush Breeze on a Sea Air Toner Water

I have a thing about sea salt. Breath of Fresh Air toner was amazing and, when I recently finished it (by which I mean, lost the bottle somehow), I turned my thoughts towards which toner I would try next. As luck would have it, Breeze on a Sea Air popped up in the Kitchen and, as it seemed so similar to my previous selection, I decided to give it a whirl.
Lush Breeze on a Sea Air Toner Water Review

Breeze on a Sea Air was only available in one size- the larger 250g bottle. Usually I prefer 100g as it's more convenient for travelling so this is a little annoying, although it's easy to take the top off and decant into a smaller bottle. It has a spritz lid (I totally make up these technical terms but you know what I mean) and is both fully recyclable and recycled. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the initial batch of bottles. Somehow the materials used in the recycling process slowly reacted with the toner and made it smell strongly of antiseptic. Lush were on the case though and sent out free replacements to every single person who had ordered one, without even waiting for the lazy ones (me) to contact them. Way to go, Lush!


The spritz lid makes this toner really easy to apply although I found it quite stiff at first. Lush suggest that you either spray directly on to the face or onto a cotton pad first, which is my personal preference. The aloe vera and violet leaf create a soft, earthy fragrance which lingers on the skin. 

After using Breeze on a Sea Air, my skin feels soothed and refreshed. The sea water, from Studland Bay in Dorset, local to Lush HQ, feels fresh and cooling, leaving me with very happy skin instantly! It's a very welcoming step in my skincare routine.

Although this toner was more expensive than the others at £13 for 250g, it is certainly a very lovely product. Being a Kitchen creation, it's not going to be available very often but it's pretty similar to Breath of Fresh Air which is both cheaper and readily available. 
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  1. I leave on Brighton sea front, I still enjoy the freshness of the air, I think I may just have to investigate this toner! I'm trying to find more spray toners, aiming to move away from cotton pads if I can.

    Honestly Aine


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