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Lush haircare is one of my favourite things. It takes a lot of willpower not to buy every single shampoo and conditioner that pops into the Kitchen. Sometimes I just have to yield to the tempation, and when Ice Blue appeared on the menu, I had to have it. 
Lush Ice Blue Shampoo Review

As far as I recall, Ice Blue was only available in the 250g bottle, which is a good size for me when it comes to shampoo. I usually use the 500g bottles of conditioner because I have a lot of very dry, thick hair and use a dollop approximately the size of a cantaloupe each time I wash my hair, but I only use a small amount of shampoo. I find the 100g bottles way too small (although very handy for travelling) and, since I like to try a lot of different shampoo products, I get bored easily with the larger sizes. 250g is just perfect. As with all Lush bottles, it's recycled and recyclable plastic, and you can take the bottle tops back to any Lush store to be recycled. I do find the bottle lids are difficult to click open with wet hands, so I usually just unscrew the lid and tip the product into my palm. No biggie.


When I first poured this shampoo into my hands, the first thing I noticed was how fluid it is. The consistency is very thin and watery so, unlike most shampoos, it pours out very quickly and has a tendency to spill everywhere. Because of this, it doesn't lather up massively but it still does the job. The scent- perhaps unsurprisingly given the name and bright blue shade- is predominantly minty with ingredients including peppermint and spearmint oil. In fact, it smells- and looks- very similar to the Dirty Springwash shower gel. There's also a fair bit of sea salt and if there's one ingredient I can't get enough of, it's sea salt!


I was excited about trying this shampoo because it promised a scalp-stimulating experience and I am definitely in need of that! I have an extremely dry scalp and have tried everything to soothe it. Although I didn't notice the expected scalp-tingling sensation, I have noticed that my skin is a lot less problematic since using this. It's less dry, less flaky and less irritated. This didn't come as a revelation but a slow realisation that, actually, using this shampoo has helped a lot over time. Of course, my hair feels super clean afterwards and smells delicious but it's the benefits for my scalp that have really made it for me. I've tried so many different products from Lush (Soak n Float, Superbalm) and specialised brands (Neutrogena) but the effects haven't been as great as this. It's not perfect by any means and certainly isn't lifechanging, but it's far better than anything else I've used.

Apparently, Ice Blue is one of the oldest Lush products (and was originally created for The Body Shop), so it will probably appear in the Kitchen again before too long. I'll definitely be picking up another bottle when it does! 
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  1. Scalp suggestion - Philip Kingsley Itchy Flakey Scalp toner, it really has worked miracles on my scalp z

  2. This sounds so good. I've never actually tried a LUSH shampoo before, I've basically stuck to skin care and bath products. I do suffer with quite a dry scalp too so will have to keep my eyes peeled for when this pops up in the kitchen.



  3. Have you tried Rehab shampoo from Lush? It sounds very similar to this one and is permanent as far as I'm aware. Same minty sort of fragrance. I'm also a sucker for the BIG sea salt shampoo. Hello crazy beach hair!! x

    Kirsty - Life in Excess

  4. I will definitely have to pick this up the next time I'm at Lush!


  5. I'll definitely have to try this! I have the dry, itchy scalp issue & Soak and Float has worked wonders compared to Nizoral and T-Gel etc. Thank you for this post! xx

  6. Sounds lovely, I'm really into minty smelling hair products at the moment and will be giving this a sniff (ooer) next time I'm in a Lush store!

    Mel ♥


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